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SAML2 IdP Test web application CVS


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SAML2 IdP Test web application

The SAML2 IdP Test web application is a sample relying party that can use the SAML2 IdP Server web application to authenticate users.

Project Module Location Eclipse PSF ViewCVS
SAML2 IdP Test web application org.eclipse.higgins/app/org.eclipse.higgins.saml2idp.test anonymous viewcvs


The project contains a directory called "conf", in which the following files can be found:

  • This includes the following settings:
    • saml2-idp-endpoint: This is the endpoint URL of a SAML2 IdP that can authenticate users.
    • saml2-rp-endpoint: This is the endpoint URL of the SAML2 Test project itself. This is needed so that the IdP can send its response back to the RP.
    • saml2-providername: This is a human-readable name that identifies the SAML2 RP in an AuthnRequest message.
  • key.public: This is a public key that corresponds to the private key configured for the SAML2 IdP. This is needed to verify XML Signatures.

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