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Road map update timeline

Aperi Wiki Home Project Plans

Current Roadmap is approved. Planning for the next release will start in Fall 2008.


  • Announce that we are starting work on a new roadmap.
  • Include requirements process in Community Meeting agenda
  • Community Meeting
    • Propose process for building the roadmap and gain consensus
    • Use of Bugzilla to enter requirements - instructions on how to use
    • Use of aperi-news as communication vehicle during process
    • Use of wiki as placeholder for process, schedule, minutes, static items, Bugzilla reports
    • Prioritization
    • Schedule
    • Requirements collection
  • Collect requirements
  • Remind team members to provide input
  • Community Meeting - Review received requirements with community, rank/prioritize, accept volunteers for items
  • Send out prioritized list
  • Review prioritized list, accept assignments, collect new requirements
  • Community Meeting - Review prioritized list, discuss timing, lay out on new roadmap
  • Send out roadmap draft
  • Roadmap review, discussion on communication vehicle, roadmap revisions (on wiki)
  • Community Meeting - Obtain consensus on roadmap and gain approval.

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