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Ripplor Repository List

This is an extract from the ripplor.rb script. Here is where the repository chain is defined for rippling, and where the basic parameters of each repository are specified.

# from Repository.rb:
# def initialize(repo_root, name, path, variable, targets = 'clean clean-integration test publish', master_branch = 'master')
eclipse_repo_root = 'ssh://' + args[:remote_user] + ''
ripple_branch = args[:branch_name]
ALL_REPOS =, 'util',			paths['util'],			'org.eclipse.virgo.util',			nil, ripple_branch),, 'test',			paths['test'],			'org.eclipse.virgo.test',			nil, ripple_branch),, 'medic',			paths['medic'],			'org.eclipse.virgo.medic',			nil, ripple_branch),, 'nano',			paths['nano'],			'org.eclipse.virgo.nano',			nil, ripple_branch),, 'artifact-repository',	paths['artifact-repository'],	'org.eclipse.virgo.repository',			nil, ripple_branch),, 'kernel',			paths['kernel'],		'org.eclipse.virgo.kernel',			nil, ripple_branch), 'kernel-tools',		paths['kernel-tools'],		'org.eclipse.virgo.kernel-tools',		nil, ripple_branch),, 'web',			paths['web'],			'org.eclipse.virgo.web',			nil, ripple_branch),, 'snaps',			paths['snaps'],			'org.eclipse.virgo.snaps',			nil, ripple_branch, 'clean clean-integration test package publish-ivy publish-build'),, 'apps',			paths['apps'],			'org.eclipse.virgo.apps',			nil, ripple_branch),, 'documentation',		paths['documentation'],		'org.eclipse.virgo.documentation',		nil, ripple_branch, 'clean clean-integration doc-html publish-ivy'),, 'packaging',		paths['packaging'],             'org.eclipse.virgo.packaging',			nil, ripple_branch, 'clean clean-integration test package smoke-test publish-ivy publish-packages-build')

The # def comment is designed to hint at the parameters on the elements that follow.

The interesting cases are kernel, documentation and web-server where the targets are adjusted.

See the source text for how the variables local_repo_root and eclipse_repo_root are defined.

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