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Riena Getting started 1 0

Riena Project > Install & Getting Started

Install & Getting Started

Getting started contains documentation about how to use the various aspects of Riena.

Setup for writing apps based on Riena (based on 1.0.0)

Use these steps to build your setup to use Riena.

  • You are basically set.

Download only Riena components

Some people already have their Targetplatform ready and like to add Riena to it. For them there is a download available to only download Riena components in one Zip file: Windows/Mac users:

Try the communication ping pong example

  • File -> Import -> Plug-in Development -> Plug-ins and Fragments -> Next
  • Select "Projects with source folders" unter Import As (since its more fun with source code) -> Next
  • Select in the Plug-ins Listbox the 4 plugins *.communication.sample.pingpong.* and click Add and then Finish
  • You can switch in the Run Dialog and Select (under OSGi Framework)
    • DONT FORGET to press the Add required Bundles button for both of them before you start them
    • Riena Sample PingPoing Server (start that one)
    • Riena Sample PingPong Client (start that one)
  • The server starts at port 8080, make sure that port is not taken
  • On success you client will print a message on the console:

PingPong::Client:: [Pong] says = Thx. I got the ping!

  • Switch the to server console should show a message like:

PingPong::Server:: [Ping] says = I ping you and you pong me

Try the unittests

  • Import the project org.eclipse.riena.tests from the Target Platform (same as above)
  • There are classes like AllTests on various level that you can run as Junit Plugin Tests.
  • You can also run individual Tests a JUnit Plugin Tests
  • There are roughly 1300 tests and they should all work. Some of them fail if you click or move the mouse while the tests are running. (i.e. focus or ui tests)
  • Sometimes when you launch a AllTests classes as JUnit Plugin Test for the first time you get a "Launch Error". Simply say "No" in the dialog and modify the launch entry in the dialog for this class in the tab "Main" change the field "Run an application" from "org.eclipse.ui.ide.workbench" which is the default to "[No Application] - Headless Mode"
  • Classes ending with *ITest require a server. Thats the Riena App Sample Server (explained in the next step)

Install the Riena Sample App Server

  • Stop any previously started client or server
  • Import the project and from the Target Platform
  • Start Riena App Server from the Run Dialog (dont forget to press the button "add required bundles"
  • Also this server starts on 8080, make sure that port is not taken.
  • That should bring up a relativly simple app server with just the customer search web service
  • Stop the server again
  • Bring up the Run Dialog again, select Riena App Server and select the bundle and both found in the target platform
  • press "add required bundles"
  • Run the server again.
  • Now you can see in the console a lot more web services (security related)
  • Now you can also run the *ITests from the tests bundle (above) i.e. SessionServiceITest

Run the Riena Example Client

  • File -> Import -> Plug-in Development -> Plug-ins and Fragments -> Next
  • Select "Projects with source folders" unter Import As (since its more fun with source code) -> Next
  • Select in the Plug-ins Listbox the 1 plugin org.eclipse.riena.example.client and click Add and then Finish
  • In The Run Dialog -> Eclipse Application there are two entries "SWT ExampleApplication" and "SWT ExampleApplication (with alternative Lnf)".
  • You can launch them both (dont forget to click on Add Required Plug-ins in the Plug-ins Tab. Both launchers start the same application based on the same code using two different Riena Themes (different color, fonts etc.)
  • Play with it :-)
  • There is also a project that you can import and start the same way. (launcher is "Mail Sample (Riena UI)")

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