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Download Riena 6.1

Riena is available with version 6.1 in the "Mars" release train. There are multiple ways to download the Riena 6.1 version.

Release Train Composite Repository

If you install Eclipse 4.5. (or Eclipse 4.4)

  • then click on Window -> Preferences
  • In the Tree under Plug-in Development select Target Platform
  • Add -> Nothing -> Next
  • Add -> Software Site -> Next

In the Textfield Work with: enter ""

  • in the Textfield type filter text -> type Riena
  • Select "Riena Target Components for E4" or "Riena Target Components for RAP" depending on your requirement

Direct downloads from P2 Repos

Riena 6.1 is available from here ->

It contains the Target Components for Riena 6.1 M4 on E4 and Riena on RAP

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