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Base concepts

Injecting Services and Extensions
Services and Extensions are the building blocks of Eclipse RCP applications. Riena's lightweight and programmatic approach of injecting services and extensions eases component development and testing. (Episode II: Getting Started with Wiring )
Remote Services - Getting Started
How standard OSGi Services can be published as webservice endpoints and how they can then be consumed by a client.
Introduces the distributed/remote concept to JAAS and allows processing client login on the server. Also facilitates making the current Subject (a container for Principals) available on the client and on the server thread where remote service calls are processed.
Object Transactions
Object Transactions are a base technology to track changes in large object nets. They can be used to reduce bandwidth usage between client and server by transmitting only properties that have changed since the initial loading of the object net.
Developing, testing, running and maintaining client/server applications require more than a monolithic environment setup. Stages are Riena's approach to deal with that.
Client Monitoring
Delivering up-to-date information of the health and usage of a client application to the operators/developers.
Controller Tests
Testing the logic of a SubModuleController.
Riena Core
Learn about Riena's support for core functionality like writing files to disk (RienaLocations), using Log4j with Riena, useful utility classes etc.
Riena Toolbox
Tooling support to ease Riena application development.
Riena Sonar
Tool to check if all Remote Services are available.
Riena System Properties
System Properties used in Riena.

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