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Rich Editor For Wiki Markup

Project Lead : Mr. Harshana Eranga Martin (IRC:hemartin)

Mentor: Mr. David Green

This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2010 program.


Mylyn WikiText project provides extensible framework and tools for parsing, editing and presenting lightweight markup. As an important component of the WikiText project, Wiki Text Editor provides the ability to create and edit wiki files written in several wiki markup languages such as MediaWiki, Textile, Confluence, TracWiki and TWiki. But the problem with the existing wiki text editor is, users need to have knowledge about these wiki mark-ups or they have to use the cheat sheets when they are using the editor. This makes the existing wiki text editor less user friendly and less usable. This project aims to provide a Rich Wiki Text editor such as WYSIWYG editor which can parse multiple wiki markup languages and HTML so that the wiki text editor users do not need to have a prior knowledge about the wiki language mark-ups.


  1. A WYSIWYG style editor with a DOM based backing model which is capable of parsing, editing and presenting wiki markup languages and HTML. This editor will be able to use in other SWT projects as well since it does not have dependencies with Eclipse Mylyn project.
  2. A proper documentations guide for users on how to use the tool set and documentation guide for developers on set of APIs, extension points.


Time line for project Milestones is given below

Glass.gif Needs some research

Progress.gif Work in progress

Ok green.gif Feature added

Milestone Date Planned/Completed/Progressing  items status Bugzilla Entry blog entries
M1 May 3, 2010 Study & Identify the good features that I should adapt and the defects that I should fix and solve in the existing wiki text editor. Ok green.gif N/A Section 2
M2 May 24, 2010 Studying the WikiText codebase closer and get a thorough understanding of how the things are implemented right now with the existing editor. Ok green.gif N/A N/A
M3 July 09, 2010 Implementing a sample tool bar and submitting it.(Will be improved later.) Ok green.gif bug 317093
M4 July 16, 2010 Implementing the initial version of the new WikiText editor while can open any .textile file. Ok green.gif bug 320164 N/A
M5 July 25, 2010 Designing and Implementing the initial DOM model. Progress.gifGlass.gif bug 317104 N/A
M6 July 27, 2010 Integration of DOM Model and the Editor. Glass.gif N/A N/A
M7 August 10, 2010 Finishing the Editor and DOM model implementation. Glass.gif N/A N/A
M8 August 12, 2010 Integration of ToolBar with the Editor. Glass.gif N/A N/A

Getting the Source

Eclipse Mylyn contributions are driven by creating feature requests and adding patches and the task context for each feature. So I will be updating the kiwi page with necessary enhancement request for each feature. You can download the task context stored in the feature request and apply the patches to see what I have done.

Project Progress

Project progress can be tracked using these bugzilla requests and from blog. This blog contains the daily/weekly work I'm doing on the project and how the project progresses.

Open Issues

Enhancement request bug 308404 is the root enhancement request. Please check this enhancement request for over all progress. I will be creating bugzilla enhancement request for each feature that I will be implementing and I will attach the task context and the work I have done as a patch.

New Features

If you have any suggestions please open an enhancement request in Eclipse bugzilla and help me to improve this project.

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