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Planned Face to Face Meeting Dec 2010/ Jan 2011

  • Reviews Framework
    • common components
    • integration in-line commenting
  • Presentation / Demo / Discussion of the current status for Task Based Reviews
  • Presentation / Demo / Discussion of the current status for Gerrit connector
  • Presentation / Demo / Discussion of the current status for Review for Eclipse (R4E)
  • Egit/Jgit integration points
  • Discuss on possible Egit / Jgit extension points
  • UI Reviews


Meeting Details
  • Meeting Date has been decided based on your votes: we will meet from Jan 17.-21. 2011 at SAP Headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.
  • Address: Robert-Bosch Strasse 34. 69190 Walldorf, Germany, Building 3
  • Route planning, How to find SAP
  • External participants please register at the reception of building 3
  • We have two rooms G1.03 and G1.27 (8 and 9 seats) on the first floor of Building 3 reserved for the whole week
  • Some monitors and a beamer are available, WLAN guest network is available.
  • Phone numbers: Matthias Sohn : +49 160 908 20169

  • Google Calendar with meeting schedule (participants have edit permissions):

Proposed meeting location is at SAP in Walldorf, Germany. SAP will provide a room with guest network, monitors and a beamer will be available. Details will be announced soon.

We have to decide if we meet in the second (10.-14.) or third week (17.-21.) of Jan 2011. So far the developers listed in the following table showed interest to participate, please mark the weeks you could participate so that we can reach a decision. Based on your votes in this table we will decide on Dec 18 in which week the meeting will take place

Mark the weeks you can participate with "+", the weeks you cannot participate with "-", also add topics you are interested in
Participant Jan 10.-14. Jan 17.-21. Topics Comments
Alvaro Sanchez (Ericsson Canada)
+ Reviews framework, Reviews Reference Implementations, Gerrit Connector, Egit/Jgit extension points for Reviews
Benjamin Muskalla (Tasktop) + + Mylyn/Egit integration, Gerrit connector
Chris Aniszczyk (Redhat) - +

Christian Halstrick (SAP) + +

Dariusz Luksza - + Mylyn EGit integration, EGit sync-view performance and context menu operations
Edwin Kempin (SAP) + +

Jan Lohre (SAP) - +

Kilian Matt (INSO) + + TBR, Versions
Manuel Doninger + + (except on 19.) Mylyn integration, Gerrit
Mario Bernhart (INSO)

Matthias Sohn (SAP) + + Gerrit Connector, EGit, EGit Mylyn integration
Sascha Scholz (SAP) + +

Steffen Pingel (Tasktop) - -

Simon Kaufmann (SAP) - +

Mathias Kinzler (SAP) + +
Philipp Thun (SAP) + +

Online Meeting Oct. 27, 2010

Tel (US/Canada): 1-877-748-5333 international +46 10 71 20000, Passcode: 7836 581#, Time: Wednesday's at 13:00hrs Eastern
Current list of available local and international telephone numbers

Video Conference

  • SCM contribution from Stefan Reiterer

Online Meeting Oct. 20, 2010

  • ESE2010 BoF
  • Model Discussion

Online Meeting Oct. 13, 2010

  • Model Discussion

Online Meeting Oct. 06, 2010

  • Project restructuring status
  • Committer nominations (Steffen Pingel, Ericsson (3), Stefan Reiterer)
  • Status of the Atlassion Connector
  • Gerrit connector CQ
  • Model review and discussion

Vancouver Meeting Aug. 16-18, 2010


  • New Mylyn structure overview (Steffen)
  • Mylyn Review structure overview/vision (Mario)
  • Mylyn Review demo and feature walkthrough (Mario)
  • R4E demo and feature walkthrough (Ericsson)

Technical Discussion

  • SCM APIs
  • Integration of reviews with the tasks framework
    • Task Model API
    • Task Editor API (319357, 288171, 322449)
  • R4E migration strategy


  • Gerrit connector code donation
  • Project structure, release planning etc.


  • Project naming ("Review vs. Reviews")


  • Prepare ESE
    • Contact Atlassian (Mario)
    • Mylyn dependencies (Steffen)
    • Split Framework and TBR (Mario + Kilian)
    • Create unified model (Alvaro, Kilian)
    • Appoint for Inline Commenting Feature (Marco)
  • Set up Projects
    • Set up R4E (Marco)
    • SCM File Mylyn bug for initial contribution (Kilian)
    • Set up Gerrit Connector Project (Mario Initial Proposal until Aug 22; Steffen contacts interested parties and finds project lead)
    • File Gerrit Connector CQ (Kilian strips out dependencies; Mario CQ)
    • Allign with the SCM project (Steffen)
  • Followup Meeting (Mario)

Gerrit Connector Proposal

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