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RelyingPartyDemoApp Deployment

This page describes how to download, build, configure and deploy RelyingPartyDemoApp to Tomcat6 servlet container


This guide assumes you have the following software:

Deployment steps

1. Checkout the following projects to Eclipse workspace from


You can use the following psf file to checkout the projects

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<psf version="2.0">
	<provider id="">
		<project reference="1.0,,org.eclipse.higgins/dependencies.redistributable,dependencies.redistributable"/>
		<project reference="1.0,,org.eclipse.higgins/app/RelyingPartyDemoApp,RelyingPartyDemoApp"/>

2. Copy dependencies.redistributable/commons-logging-1.0.4/commons-logging-1.0.4.jar and dependencies.redistributable/xalan-2.6.0/xalan-2.6.0.jar to RelyingPartyDemoApp/WebContent/WEB-INF/lib folder

After this step, WEB-INF/lib will have the following jars


3. Since all required plugin jars for RelyingPartyDemoApp are checked into cvs, remove all projects and libs (NOT Web App Libraries) from Java Build Path of RelyingPartyDemoApp to get rid of the error in the IDE. The only error that you see after this step is "Target runtime Apache Tomcat v5.5 is not defined". This error will not cause any trouble when building war file.

4. Refresh the project

5. Copy your SSL keystore file and CA Root file to RelyingPartyDemoApp/WebContent folder. See Generating a Private Key and a Keystore if you don't have SSL keystore for the tomcat installation.

6. Update RelyingPartyDemoApp/WebContent/WEB-INF/web.xml file for the following params

  • keystorename to your keystore file name
  • keystorepw to your keystore password
  • keystoretype to your keystore type
  • keystorekeyalias to your keystore alias
  • keystorekeypw to your keystore key password
  • securePort to the SSL port of your tomcat installation
  • normalPort to the normal port of your tomcat installation
  • privacyUrl to the URL of your privacy statement. This must be a valid URI.
  • rootCertUrl to the URL of your CA Root location

7. Download sun.config.xml from org.eclipse.higgins.sts.binding.axis1x.service project and save it as RelyingPartyDemoApp/src/org/apache/xml/security/resource/config.xml. config.xml file checked into cvs works only for IBM Java. If you are using Sun Java, Sun version of the config file must be copied to RelyingPartyDemoApp/src/org/apache/xml/security/resource folder to get the right XML Encryption/Decryption algorithm.

8. Create RelyingPartyDemoApp.war by right clicking RelyingPartyDemoApp project and selecting Export ... > Web > WAR file. Specify the destination for saving war file.

9. Stop tomcat

10. Copy RelyingPartyDemoApp.war to tomcat's webapps folder

11. Start tomcat

12. Access https://host:port/RelyingPartyDemoApp in a browser. If you are using a test certificate for tomcat, then you need to install the test certificate in your browser when accessing the URL for the first time.

Note: Vista users needs to run IE7 as Administrator to install Test CA Root Certificate. Otherwise the certificate will be saved in wrong place and IE7 will keep showing certificate error.


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