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RT Symposium ESE 2008

This page summaries the slides, discussion and outcome of the RT symposium at the Eclipse Summit Europe 2008.

Towards the Symposium

Upfront to the event we ask attendees to prepare answers for the following questions:

  • What is missing from the technology?
  • What are the three most important problems with the technology?
  • What are the biggest implementation challenges?
  • What is your vision for the future?
  • What should the projects do (concrete implementation items, general wishes, possible synergies between projects)?
  • What confuses you because of too similar but slightly different ways of doing it?

These slides summarizes the answers we got for those questions:

RT-Symposium at ESE 2008 - Slides (pdf)

Discussion Topics

After going through these answers we listed and prioritized topics for the second part of the symposium (votes in brackets):

  • Services and Extensions (11-13)
  • Combining technologies, problem/technology-matching, Examples, Best Practices (16-20)
  • API compatibility / Deprecation (7)
  • Cloud / distributed, intra-process-communication, sca, soa, remote-OSGi/services (13-14)
  • IP process (2)
  • Builds, shipping, provisioning, p2 (18)
  • Roadmap

Best Practices, Examples

We briefly discussed an example of build, for example, RCP apps together with EclipseLink. Other practices and issues emerged from that discussion:

  • OSGifying libraries: Use Orbit / Fix Orbit
  • Granularity
  • Dependency Injection
  • Classloading
  • Best practices wiki (crosscutting): It would be great to create some wiki pages describing best practices and examples how to use RT projects together and what to choose from where.

Build, Shipping, Provisioning, P2

We started to talk about experiences from people using different technologies for these issues within their projects and listed them:

  • PDE Build
  • Maven
  • Buckminster
  • Ivy
  • Custom Ant
  • Ant4Eclipse
  • Non-OSGi stuff
  • Hudson
  • Bamboo
  • CruiseControl

(-Dequinox.ds.print=true) (some good fried when using declarative services)

Roadmap for the RT projects

  • 7 projects at the moment
  • distributions (meaningful RT project distros)
  • Target Platform elements
  • Different repo?

We also talked about improving the collaboration between the different RT projects

  • build infrastructure
  • awareness
  • education
  • examples

Ian Skerrett's Video Podcast

Ian Skerrett took a short video of Jeff talking about the RT Symposium: Video-Podcast: Jeff McAffer on the RT Symposium at ESE 2008

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