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RCPTT/Execution environment

As RCPTT imitates user behaviour, test execution environment has to match the one user would work with. Some strange aspects of environment may cause unexpected behaviour. To ensure test stability and RCPTT recommends to use environments that meet requirements below:

Windows operating system

  • Screensaver is disabled
  • User running tests is logged in
  • If RDP is used, RDP connection should not be disconnected for the duration of test run

RCPTT requires graphical context to be present during test execution, to receive UI events and to capture rendered controls. All of the requirements above ensure that AUT has normal graphical context to work with.

As virtualized Windows hosts are often used for testing and RDP is a convenient tool to access them, requirement of persistent RDP session is a hard one to meet. To workaround this problem it is possible to use tscon command to reattach RDP user session to local console. This way, session would keep rendering in graphics even after RDP disconnection. An alternative approach is not to use RDP entirely and rely on VNC or on virtual screen access built in virtualization engine.

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