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Add-Ons for RAP

This is a list of software that was developed to be used together with the core RAP framework. The guidelines and policies of the RAP project do not necessarily apply. The list is as complete as possible, projects are not pre-selected in any way. If you have trouble, you should try to contact the authors. For incubator projects, visit the RAP newsgroup.

Project Type Host Description Author(s) Links
Tabris UI Application Framework github Tabris UI provides an application navigation concept inspired by mobile operating systems. It's open source and runs on normal desktop browser as of Tabris 1.2, EclipseSource github, git, gettings started, demo project, Tabris Product page
RAP CSS Tooling Tooling RAP CSS tooling based on the e(fx)clipse CSS editor Tom Schindl blog, github, Software Site
WAI-ARIA/Accessibility support enhancement Commercial product WAI-ARIA support for the RAP WebClient, designed to improve screenreader and UI-Testing support EclipseSource contact information, ARIA overview
Google Maps Widget custom widget github Browser-Widget based RCP/RAP gmap widget Tim Buschtöns blog,readme,Git, demo
d3 Charts for RAP custom widget github Experimental chart widgets for RAP using the d3 library. Ralf Sternberg blog,readme,Git, demo
chart.js for RAP custom widget github Experimental chart widgets for RAP using the chart.js library. Tim Buschtoens readme,Git
File Upload util / port RAP Incubator UploadHandler / SWT FileDialog widget Austin Riddle, Ralf Sternberg File Upload,Git,blog
Nebula Grid port RAP Incubator Enhanced variation of a Table/Tree widget Ivan Furnadjiev Git, Nightly builds p2 repository, RAP 2.0 compatible p2 repository, blog, demo
Nebula Picture Control SWT/RAP Eclipse Single sourced SWT/RAP picture control Angelo Zerr web, git, update site
Nebula Pagination Control SWT/RAP Eclipse Single sourced table pagination control Angelo Zerr web, git, update site
Nebula TableCombo Widget port github Adjusted version of the original TableCombo widget Thomas Kratz readme, Git, original implementation
DropDown custom widget RAP Incubator A Combo-like dropdown for Text widgets Tim Buschtöns Git, demo
ClientScripting enhancement RAP Incubator Client-side SWT-like event handling Tim Buschtöns, Ralf Sternberg Wiki,Git, blog
GEF port RAP Incubator The Graphical Editing Framework Austin Riddle Git, GEF
CNF port RAP Incubator The Common Navigator Framework Bartosz Michalik, Gunnar Wagenknecht Wiki,Git
Tabbed properties view port RAP Incubator Tabbed properties view Gunnar Wagenknecht Git
Google Visualization Widgets custom widget RAP Incubator Google Visualization widgets as RAP custom widgets Austin Riddle Git
CKEditor custom widget RAP Incubator Richtext Edtior widget based on Browser-Widget (RAP 1.x) / Remote API (RAP 2.x) Tim Buschtöns, Markus Knauer blog,readme, Git, original widget, demo
CKEditor by Thomas Kratz custom widget github Fork of the above CKEditor widget Thomas Kratz readme, Git
Code Mirror custom widget github Another Browser-Widget/codemirror based code editor Angelo Zerr readme, original widget
Select2.js widget custom widget github More flexible variation of a Combo/Select widget Thomas Kratz blog
Dojo based Gantt Chart example github a dojo Compatible Bean Model of the gantt chart Thomas Kratz readme, Git
Single Sourcing Example example/snippets github Using OSGi services to single-source an RCP and RAP Application Holger Staudacher blog, Git
Carousel Widget example/custom widget github Example for jquery based custom widget Holger Staudacher blog, Git
Timeago example/custom widget github Example for jquery based custom widget Holger Staudacher blog, Git
E3.X-E4 Workbench enhancement RAP Incubator E3.X - E4 Compatibility Workbench David Marina Git, RAP/E4, Compatibility Layer

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