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RAP/1.3 Release Summary


SWT API for Single Sourcing

RAP implements a subset of the SWT API. And, the larger this subset, the easier it becomes to develop applications for RCP and RAP from a single code base. In this release, we've extended the RAP API to cover close to 100% of SWT.

Improved and customizable Look and Feel

Following the latest trends in today's Web2.0 user interfaces, we added RAP support for features such as rounded borders, gradients, and animations. We updated the default look and feels provided by RAP to include extensions implementing these features. See the online demos for a look at the changes.

Integration with other Eclipse Projects

Here are the latest examples of how other Eclipse projects are integrating with RAP:

  • EMF provides RAP support for Helios
  • Riena's ridgets run on RAP
  • The MAT and RAP teams work together on a single sourced version of the Memory Analyzer
  • BIRT continues to be a popular choice for integrating reporting into RAP applications

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