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Project Planning Committee WG

Goal of the IWG

The goal of this working group is to define the process for Project Planning Committees, PPC governance (including decision to fund some project evolution), and to implement the PPC for the Polarsys IDE.

People involved

  • Group leader(*) Alain Rossignol (Astrium) and Lei Pi (Intecs)
  • Xavier Plavis (Astrium)
  • Pierre Gaufillet (Airbus)
  • Gaël Blondelle (Obeo)
  • Raphael Faudou (Atos)

(*) Group leader commits to make the working group progress


  • Manage the Polarsys IDE PPC
    • List the existing features of Polarsys IDE
    • Identify the gap between the features and the users needs
  • Define the way PPC should work
    • PPC charter
    • PPC process
  • Identify the granularity of PPC
    • For bundles
    • For components like Papyrus, ...

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