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Project Management Infrastructure/Project Metadata

This page's content has been moved to the Eclipse Project Handbook.

Use the Generated Content for Your Project Home Page

If you want to use this page as your project home page, change the contents of your project's index.php file to:


(with an appropriate substitution of, e.g. technology.egit, of course).

Note that the automatically-generated pages will continue to grow, change, and be updated.

Where is Project Metadata Used

Project metadata is used in a few different places today, and usage will continue to expand. Below are a few examples.

  • Projects using Tycho, or Maven. The description and project logo are used here.
  • Projects participating in the Kepler simultaneous release. We'll add a page that includes descriptions, logos, links to the project plan, and maybe contact information.

The project description is used in a lot of different places. Keep your project description concise; it is a means by which you can encourage people to take a closer look at your project; do not try to describe every little nuance of your project in the description. Note that you can separate out a summary of your description that will be used in lieu of the longer form which will be displayed on the project page.

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