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  • Gaël Blondelle (Obeo)
  • Jorge Rodriguez & Miguel Rivero (Indra)
  • José Manuel Puerta (TCPSI)
  • Silvia Mazzini (Intecs)
  • Maurice Heitz (CS)
  • Lei Pi (Intecs)
  • Patrick Moreau (INRIA)

Polarsys welcomes the first official members

  • Ralph Mueller wrote a blog entry to welcome the first officiel Polarsys members.
  • Current members are:
    • Steering Committee members are:
      • Airbus
      • Ericsson
      • Thales
    • Participating members are:
      • Intecs
      • Obeo
      • Soyatec

Another new Steering member is about to sign by the end of this month, as well as another large company as Participating member.

Elections of the representative of Participating members to the Steering Committee

Our Charter describes the Steering Committee composition like that:

  • Each Steering Committee member of the IWG has a seat on the Steering Committee.
  • At least one seat is allocated to participant members. An additional seat on the committee shall be allocated to the participant members for every additional five (5) seats beyond one (1) allocated to Steering Committee members. Participant member seats are allocated following the Eclipse "single transferable vote", as defined in the Eclipse Bylaws.

For the moment, we have 3 Participating members: Intecs, Obeo and Soyatec.

Thus, Polarsys Participating members have to elect one representative to the Polarsys Steering Committee.

Here is the process for this election:

  • Until September 24th, Participating members representative can candidate for the election. They have to post their candidature on the Polarsys mailing list.
  • From September 25th to October 1st, mailing list members will be able to ask questions on the mailing list to candidates
  • From October 2nd to October 8th, Participating members will cast their vote to
  • The vote will close on October 8th.

As indicated during the telco, Gaël Blondelle will candidate for Obeo to continue the work done to bootstrap Polarsys.

Upcoming events

First End User meeting on October 18/19 hosted by Inria/IRILL in Paris

During this meeting, the end user companies will share their goals for development in 2013/2014.

Meeting is restricted to end-user companies and organized by Pierre Gaufillet from Airbus. If you think that you should be invited, contact Pierre.

First Polarsys Steering Committee: Oct 19th afternoon hosted by Inria/IRILL in Paris

Meeting agenda will be available later. You can send an email to the Polarsys mailing list in order to raise a question or issue for this Polarsys Steering Committee.

Next Polarsys Face 2 Face meeting in Ludwigsburg on Oct 22nd


  • Feedback from the End user meeting
  • Feedback from the Steering Committee meeting
  • Common discussions with Auto IWG/Location IWG

There are opportunities for specific presentations to be shared

Contact Gaël Blondelle to ask for a slot, or drop an email to the list.

IWG booth during Eclipse Con Europe

The Eclipse foundation organizes a booth for the Industry Working Groups during Eclipse Con Europe. Polarsys will be present on this booth.

Polarsys Open World Forum

Submitted the Polarsys Top Level Project

  • Project Proposal for Chess: send link to Silvia for Project Proposal

Recruiting University

We now start recruiting academic members from universities. Your invitation as a guest academic to participate to Polarsys must be validated by the Steering Committee.

As the next Steering Commitee takes place on October 19th, please candidate by sending an email to Ralph Mueller and CC gael.blondelle -at-

Gaël will ask the following universities if they want to candidate

  • University of Podova (Tullio )
  • University of Toulouse (Marc Pantel)
  • Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)
  • University of Skovde
  • KU Leuven

Pierre will contact the SEI for the same reasons.

Communication/Web Site

The work on the Polarsys Logo and Web Design is managed by the Eclipse foundation, and funded by Ericsson.

  • Polarsys logo is almost selected. Will be made public soon.
  • Polarsys web design task just began.

The Polarsys Web Site will be ready for Eclipse Con Europe.

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