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  • Gaël Blondelle (Obeo)
  • Pierre Moro (EADS ST)
  • Loic Salvado (Alyotech)
  • Jorge Rodriguez and Miguel Rivero (Indra)
  • Silvia Mazzini (Intecs)
  • Claudio Munoz (TCPSI)

Polarsys membership

  • The charter has been updated after the last discussion with Mike Milinkovich
  • New version of the Membership Agreement is being reviewed by the large companies
  • All the Polarsys membership package is being available for review on demand.

The infrastructure

Infrstructure is usable Eveybody is encouraged to use in order to detect bugs and get help from the webmaster. Once you create your login, the Eclipse webmaster can provision your accesses.

No link between Eclipse logins and Polarsys logins.

Several project manage to use this infrastructure:

  • GeneAuto GUI
  • Polychrony


  1. Create account in Polarsys infrastructure.
  2. Send an email to so that the rights are provisioned to access Bugzilla and repository.

Nex components

Discussions with CHESS about the migration of some CHESS results in Polarsys.

Organization of meeting on May 23rd

  • Collaboration with auto IWG through a common meeting in the afternoon.
  • OSLC - Discussion of tools interoperability
  • Short status about Experimentations
  • Discussion about tools qualification
  • Presentation of RMF

Polarsys presentations at upcoming Eclipse days

Next meeting on Wednesday 16th of May 17:00am (Paris time)

Connection data (take care that the connection data change)

Attendee code : 30344859

Calling from Call-in Numbers

  • Belgium toll +32 2894 8317
  • France toll +33 17091 8646
  • Germany toll +49-(0)6925511-4400
  • Italy toll +39 0230410 440
  • Norway toll +47 2103-5854
  • Spain toll +34 91791 1283
  • Sweden toll +46 85051 3563
  • USA/Canada toll +1 631 267 4890

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