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Platform UI MarkersView

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Markers View

The pre 3.4 implementation of a view for Tasks, Bookmarks and Problems is not sufficient for how many people are using markers. See the org.eclipse.ui.ide.markerSupport schema for full details.

In 3.4 the MarkerSupportView was added to allow clients to create thier own markers views more suited to thier applications. A MarkerSupportView is created by referring to the markerContentGenerator.

Marker Content Generator

The markerContentGenerator is the base element for defining a custom markers view. When creating a subclass of MarkerSupportView you pass in the id of the markerContentGenerator to use for it.

A markerContentGenerator contains

  • markerFieldReferences. References to the id of the markerFields to be used by the view. The columns in the view are displayed in order of their references.
  • markerTypeReferences. References to the org.eclipse.core.resource.markers that will be shown in this view. Note that the subtypes of all referenced markers are shown as well
  • markerFieldConfigurations. Configurations that will be available by default to the view. The user may modify these or add thier own using the Configure Contents command
  • markerGroupings. The markerGroupings are those that will be shown in the Group By entries of the view. Note that markerGrouping can be defined as a top level element but this will only be supported in the supplied ProblemsView for backwards compatibility reasons.

Marker Field

A markerField is the definition of one of the columns of a MarkerSupportView. A markerField defines

  • class. The subclass of MarkerField used to configure and display markers in the column
  • filterClass. The class used to filter markers based on the criterea in a configuration
  • filterConfigurationClass. The class used to create an area for the user to edit in the ConfigureContents dialog

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