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Platform UI/Plan/4.4/Planning Bugs

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Bug work estimate assumptions.

  • We can average about 15 bugs per milestone for long-time committers, 10 bugs per milestone for new contributors. So we can estimate 60 bugs per milestone.
  • We currently have 19 bugs in 4.3.2, but some of them are backports of fixes. I suggest taking 10 bugs off our M4 allotment.
  • We currently have 43 bugs scheduled for M3, with one week left in the milestone.
  • M4 : 60 - 10 - 43
  • M5 : 60
  • M6 : 60
  • M7 : 60
  • We can take 187 bugs from the Planning list

Planning Bugs - 4.4 unscheduled

Bug TM Sev Assign Status Title
1 bug 385394 4.4 M4 major pwebster NEW Performance issue regarding enabled state handling for menuContributions containing command (ToolItemUpdateTimer puts constant load on CPU)
2 bug 388476 4.4 M4 normal emoffatt REOPENED "[EditorMgmt] Editor tab management lost ""working set"" (MRU) functionality"
3 bug 375576 4.4 M4 critical emoffatt REOPENED "Controls are not fully realized when partOpened(...) , partBroughtToTop(...) and partActivated(...) are called"
4 bug 419018 4.4 M4 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Provide the CSS support for defining the new font and color definitions
5 bug 376486 4.4 M4 major pwebster REOPENED [Model] Eclipse 4 IDE not extendable via fragments or processors
6 bug 348954 4.4 M4 major wojciech.sudol NEW Active Part is incorrect and does not have focus on a restart
7 bug 384108 4.4 M4 major daniel.rolka NEW JUnit view icon no longer shows progress while executing tests
8 bug 411821 4.4 M5 normal daniel.rolka NEW [QuickAccess] Contribute SearchField through a fragment or other means
9 bug 317208 4.4 M5 major emoffatt NEW Missing items on context menu on minimized views
10 bug 360357 4.4 M5 normal pwebster NEW CanExecute of Handler are checked ever 500ms
11 bug 389663 4.4 M5 critical tom.schindl NEW [E4AP] Merging contributions can lead to duplicate elements in the model
12 bug 401043 4.4 normal emoffatt REOPENED [Model] Replace container data with persistentData
13 bug 317207 4.4 M5 major emoffatt NEW View tabs have no context menu - can't make it a fast view
14 bug 398666 4.4 M5 minor emoffatt NEW partOpened not called for views in default Perspective when welcome view opens first
15 bug 362420 4.4 M5 enhancement daniel.rolka NEW "[QuickAccess] Make ""Quick access"" optional and hidden by default"
16 bug 419016 4.4 M4 normal daniel.rolka ASSIGNED [CSS] Provide some reasonable bridge interactions between CSS and our older Colors and Fonts properties
17 bug 375393 4.4 M5 normal sopotcela ASSIGNED Popup / Context Menu disapears after reopening a part (e4)
18 bug 351366 4.4 M5 normal emoffatt NEW Allow the hosting of Views and Editors independent of the presentation
19 bug 309160 4.4 M5 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] [Compatibility] Editor bars for markers and annotations are the wrong color
20 bug 366708 4.4 M5 major pwebster NEW [Workbench] Workbench.openWorkbenchWindow() calls createWorkbenchWindow 10 times
21 bug 384835 4.4 M5 critical pwebster NEW [Workbench] Some org.eclipse.ui.workbench fixes from 3.6 and 3.7 didn't make it into 4.2
22 bug 395205 4.4 M5 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Allow custom renderers to be defined using CSS
23 bug 401327 4.4 M5 critical emoffatt NEW [MPE] AbstractMultiEditor.getInnerEditorContainer is never called
24 bug 401655 4.4 M5 enhancement wojciech.sudol NEW [Progress] Create e4 based Progress View
25 bug 373294 4.4 M5 major pelder NEW Improve startup time
26 bug 392715 4.4 M5 enhancement emoffatt NEW Make existing 3.x components available for a pure e4 application
27 bug 418429 4.4 M5 enhancement pwebster NEW [Workbench] ClassCastException in WorkbenchPage (when using pure e4 parts)
28 bug 401712 4.4 M5 normal daniel_megert ASSIGNED [Markers] Problems view should not update tree unless visible
29 bug 405262 4.4 M5 normal daniel.rolka REOPENED [Contributions] Duplicate context menu entries in XML editor source tab
30 bug 407418 4.3 M3 enhancement bsd FIXED """Import Existing Project"" wizard should allow filtering of already-installed projects"
31 bug 374310 4.4 M5 normal emoffatt NEW [MinMax] Closing the last perspective in a minimized perspective stack leaves the model in a strange state
32 bug 269271 4.4 M5 normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] [Compatibility] URISyntaxException when workspace loc has space
33 bug 284439 4.4 M5 normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] [Compatibility] NPE in FormOutlinePage during delete
34 bug 339740 4.4 M5 normal emoffatt NEW [Perspectives] Examine the layout behavior
35 bug 364566 4.4 M5 normal daniel.rolka NEW "[Contributions] [performance] Huge regression in performance test ObjectContributionsPerformance#testObjectContributions:limited selection, limited contributors()"
36 bug 369237 4.4 M4 normal pwebster NEW [Model] Are we using org.eclipse.e4.emf.xpath?
37 bug 377999 4.4 M5 normal emoffatt NEW [RenderingEngine] Support per-element renderers
38 bug 378672 4.4 M5 major daniel.rolka REOPENED [CSS] Part tab and tool bar colors/rendering are confusing
39 bug 380946 4.4 M5 normal pelder NEW [Commands] [Compatibility] helpContextId not registered for legacy handlers
40 bug 388482 4.4 M5 normal emoffatt CLOSED [Trim] [DND] Dragging toolbars to different trim should change orientation
41 bug 397942 4.4 M5 enhancement emoffatt NEW [EditorMgmt] Implement a better MRU tab ordering
42 bug 415382 4.4 M5 normal pelder NEW [Commands] Commands contributed from extensions remain after the plugin is gone
43 bug 148574 4.4 M5 major pwebster NEW [WorkbenchParts] partHidden partVisible not called if you minimize or restore
44 bug 350251 4.4 M5 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Strategy for porting useful org.eclipse.ui.* bits for Eclipse4 RCP apps
45 bug 393839 4.4 M5 normal emoffatt NEW [RenderingEngine] Extensions concept for Renderer factory
46 bug 404727 4.4 M5 normal emoffatt NEW Make 3.x workbench resources available for e4 apps
47 bug 351363 4.4 M5 normal emoffatt NEW [E4] Allow some of the 'standard' views to be used in E4 RCP apps without needing the compatibility layer
48 bug 392876 4.4 M5 normal daniel.rolka NEW [platform-ui-dev] [Contributions] Editor context menu is broken when trying to add a dynamic submenu
49 bug 394394 4.4 M5 major emoffatt NEW Clicking close X on Welcome screen or last part of maximized stack sends focus to nowhere
50 bug 401632 4.4 M5 major emoffatt NEW [WorkbenchParts] Minimized views still update in background (bad part events?)
51 bug 369860 4.4 M5 normal pwebster NEW [KeyBinding] Keybinding assist popup eats keys (for two-chord shortcuts)
52 bug 396318 4.4 M5 normal pelder ASSIGNED Save Resources dialog missing when selecting Close All from editor tab
53 bug 309306 4.4 M5 normal daniel.rolka NEW [ActivityMgmt] [ActionSets] Activities will remove actions but not parent menu
54 bug 134659 4.4 M5 normal daniel.rolka NEW [ActionSets] Menubar entry appears twice in the [Customize Perspective] dialog.
55 bug 411791 4.4 M5 minor daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] SWTException on shutdown
56 bug 279838 4.4 M5 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Resource loading extensions
57 bug 413410 4.4 M5 normal pelder REOPENED [KeyBindings] Lots of Keybinding conflicts occurred on official CDT eclipse Kepler 8.2
58 bug 214974 4.4 M5 enhancement emoffatt NEW [Workbench] Allow Workbench UI state to save/restore to user-provided Input/Output Streams
59 bug 348885 4.4 M5 normal emoffatt NEW [UI] Removing an element from the model should (eventually) call removeGui on it
60 bug 365607 4.4 M5 normal emoffatt NEW IllegalArgumentException in PartRenderingEngine
61 bug 389478 4.4 M5 enhancement emoffatt NEW Need IDE.openEditors(...) that allows to inject state
62 bug 317809 --- major emoffatt CLOSED [Perspectives] [Compatibility] Sync view showed up in the Java perspective
63 bug 344234 4.4 M5 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Can not change View Title Fonts in preference
64 bug 371586 4.4 M5 minor daniel.rolka NEW [Markers] Searching for markers: IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract!
65 bug 378811 4.4 M5 enhancement emoffatt NEW [Perspectives] Support separation of the Workspace and the saved UI Model (was: can't save and import perspectives)
66 bug 385565 4.4 M5 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Menu contribution processing has different results in 4.2 than 3.8
67 bug 404015 4.4 M5 normal emoffatt NEW [DND] Drag and drop of jobs trim item is broken
68 bug 412373 4.4 M6 enhancement Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Platform API candidates for Eclipse 4.4
69 bug 168379 4.4 M6 normal gheorghe NEW [EditorMgmt] Investigate possible editor tab management improvements
70 bug 248561 4.4 M6 normal wojciech.sudol NEW [Progress] Accessibility: Text changes in progress dialogs are not read by screen readers
71 bug 347829 4.4 M6 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] PropertyTester not getting fired for objectContribution(s) unless view from providing plug-in is loaded.
72 bug 355946 4.4 M6 normal daniel.rolka NEW """View and Editor Folders"" color preferences don't work"
73 bug 348560 4.4 M6 normal pwebster NEW RunAndTracks that always return true
74 bug 368466 4.4 M6 normal daniel.rolka REOPENED [Contributions] Part toolbar does not refresh after adding additional toolbar items to it
75 bug 366602 4.4 M6 normal pwebster REOPENED [Compatibility] IServiceLocatorCreator doesn't work
76 bug 413936 4.4 M4 normal daniel.rolka FIXED Busy (italic) view title not redrawn promptly with Classic theme
77 bug 249109 4.4 M6 enhancement emoffatt NEW [Trim] set toolbar icons with drag and drop
78 bug 370615 4.4 M6 normal emoffatt NEW Support dynamic tracing for e4 workbench
79 bug 330117 4.4 M6 normal gheorghe NEW "No separation between view toolbar, view description and view content"
80 bug 374017 4.4 M6 normal javabrett NEW Enable refresh even when selection has closed projects
81 bug 319377 4.4 M6 normal pelder NEW [KeyBindings] [Compatibility] Multiple dialogs appears to confuse context chain
82 bug 323075 4.4 M6 normal pwebster NEW [RCP] Headless usage of Eclipse 4 RCP (without a Window) - Context of model elements should be explicitly created and filled
83 bug 370811 4.4 M6 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] View menu doesn't update when adding item to menu model
84 bug 377906 4.4 M6 normal emoffatt NEW [Model] Model / SWT interactions are not well enough defined
85 bug 378861 4.4 M6 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Context Menu not available for Dialogs
86 bug 385367 4.4 M6 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Toolbar items do not appear in expected location.
87 bug 395329 4.4 M6 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Make the Drag and drop feedback color styleable through CSS
88 bug 402519 4.4 M6 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Core expressions are not evaluated in compatibility mode
89 bug 406670 4.4 M6 major pwebster NEW [Workbench] Eclipse shell/window is visible after WorkbenchWindowAdvisor.postwindowopen()
90 bug 340889 4.4 M6 major daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Platform color scheme does not work together with SWT color constants
91 bug 345608 4.4 M6 normal wojciech.sudol NEW [patch][Markers] Horrible performance removing markers from Problems View taking hours to do the job
92 bug 387876 4.4 M6 normal emoffatt NEW [DND] Dragging tab to new folder should reselect the previous tab in older folder after drop
93 bug 389442 4.4 M6 normal emoffatt NEW [Perspectives] Adding MPlaceholder to rendered but inactive MPerspective causes MPlaceholder in active MPerspective to lose its widget rendering
94 bug 396528 4.4 M6 critical emoffatt NEW [MPE] Incomplete implementation in AbstractMultiEditor
95 bug 398852 4.4 M6 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Un-readable tab names when using High Contrast mode.
96 bug 403930 4.4 M6 normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] E4 and E3 selection services are not connected
97 bug 410795 4.4 M6 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] [Features] [Accessibility] Juno does not support High Contrast Black mode
98 bug 412013 4.4 M6 normal emoffatt NEW Secondary Problems view (created with 4.2) doesn't have a view menu
99 bug 413977 4.4 M6 major pelder NEW [KeyBindings] All non-native key bindings stop working
100 bug 393171 4.4 M6 normal tom.schindl NEW Remove delta migration code
101 bug 377085 4.4 M6 normal emoffatt REOPENED [Trim] Auto-unmaximize when there are no more 'minimized by zoom' elements in the trim
102 bug 355049 4.4 M6 major daniel.rolka REOPENED [Import/Export] Importing a project containing a linked resource will dereference that linked resource
103 bug 396974 4.4 M6 enhancement pwebster REOPENED [Contributions] Multiple Parents for MenuContribution item
104 bug 380721 4.4 M6 normal pelder NEW [KeyBindings] Programmatically-created commands are not available in fresh workspace
105 bug 377519 4.4 M6 normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] PartServiceImpl#savePart() needs improvement
106 bug 380321 4.4 M6 normal emoffatt NEW "View management does not respect ""Do not open..."" setting"
107 bug 362532 4.4 M6 normal gheorghe NEW [CSS] Re-enable dynamic CSS pseudo-classes
108 bug 281144 4.4 normal emoffatt NEW [ViewMgmt] [Compatibility][UI] Part rendering is destroyed by tab-height of 20
109 bug 284788 4.4 M6 normal emoffatt NEW [EditorMgmt] [Compatibility] Sometimes you can't see a new editor tab
110 bug 292251 4.4 M6 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW [Compatibility] Toggling of breakpoints is not propagated properly
111 bug 319694 4.4 M6 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Compatibility] Some actions in view toolbars may be disabled until you activate the part
112 bug 331645 4.4 M6 major pwebster NEW [Workbench] EventBroker#unsubscribe is not working when same eventhandler registered for more than one topic
113 bug 344121 4.4 M6 major daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Compatibility] Lazy loading does not appear to work for a dynamic contribution to popup:org.eclipse.ui.popup.any
114 bug 348821 4.4 M6 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW [Compatibility] Update the ISV doc as much as possible
115 bug 365592 4.4 M6 normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] UI Event subscriber should use @UIEventTopic instead of EventBroker.subscribe where possible
116 bug 366554 4.4 M6 normal pelder NEW [Commands] [Compatibility] failures in CommandsTestSuite
117 bug 366571 4.4 M6 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW [Compatibility] editor and view action delegates are not properly scoped
118 bug 366608 4.4 M6 normal pelder NEW [KeyBindings] [Compatibility] Failures in KeysTestSuite
119 bug 366635 4.4 M6 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW [Tests] DynamicPluginsTestSuite has failures
120 bug 368470 4.4 M6 normal pwebster NEW [IDE] Editor Selection dialog displays Bidirectional strings in left-to-right orientation
121 bug 375583 4.4 M6 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Cannot set foreground colour on a CTabItem
122 bug 376046 4.4 M6 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Customize Perspective doesn't show new toolbar button unless group enabled first
123 bug 378408 4.4 M6 normal emoffatt NEW [WorkbenchParts] Need to re-examine how we manage the various 'firePart...' events as well as how we respond to them
124 bug 378644 4.4 M6 major pwebster NEW [Workbench] All but 1 window and 1 perspective lost when starting 3.x workspace with 4.2
125 bug 378939 4.4 M6 enhancement pwebster NEW [Workbench] Request to close the lifecycle of the application model
126 bug 379142 4.4 M6 major wojciech.sudol ASSIGNED [Compatilibility][Regression] Editor-contributed actions disabled when closing editor and switching to same type
127 bug 385547 4.4 M6 enhancement emoffatt NEW [PerspectiveBar] [PerspectiveSwitcher] Remove all dependencies on org.eclipse.ui.* (Pure E4)
128 bug 387714 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Tag changes are not propagated as CSS class
129 bug 395513 4.4 M7 normal emoffatt NEW [WorkbenchParts] Part activation is tracked in two places
130 bug 405681 4.4 M7 enhancement daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Use tag to render stack below parts
131 bug 409934 4.4 M7 normal pwebster NEW [Metadata] Enable API tools for the e4.core bundles
132 bug 178229 4.4 M7 normal eclipse.susan.mccourt NEW [Dialogs] [EditorMgmt] Open Resource dialog should not fully create all editors
133 bug 354538 4.4 M7 major daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Compatibility] Window menus and toolbars leaked after having been closed
134 bug 393391 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW "[Contributions] can't re-enable toolbars in ""customize perspective"""
135 bug 395601 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Customizing perspective - change buttons in the Java perspective reflect the change even in debug perspective
136 bug 398814 4.4 M7 normal emoffatt NEW [DND] [EditorMgmt] Moving an unfocused editor does not keep the previously focused editor visible
137 bug 398925 4.4 M7 normal pwebster NEW After prolonged usage Eclipse becomes unusable : java.lang.Object cannot be cast to org.eclipse.e4.core.commands.EHandlerService
138 bug 401252 4.4 M7 normal wojciech.sudol NEW [Progress] JAWS does not read ProgressMonitor Label
139 bug 405731 4.4 M7 major daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Part tab font not using system font
140 bug 416461 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Wizards] Wizard Parameter overrides command label and icon
141 bug 355750 4.4 M7 normal emoffatt REOPENED WorkbenchWindowAdvisor#isDurableFolder() doesn't survive a save and restore
142 bug 407432 4.4 M7 normal pwebster REOPENED "[Metadata] Run the ""broken NLS string"" tool on UI bundles"
143 bug 281455 4.4 M7 normal pwebster REOPENED ConcurrentModificationException while closing project
144 bug 379144 4.4 M7 minor pelder NEW [DI] Same EventAdmin Service injected twice
145 bug 393242 4.4 M7 enhancement daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] JFace StatusLine cannot be easily styled
146 bug 371785 4.4 M4 normal Lars.Vogel FIXED "Remove ""Default"" theme because it is broken (and redundant as every platform has its default theme)"
147 bug 283930 4.4 M7 normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] [Compatibility] Dirty state tracking causes SWTExceptions when editing in with multiple workbench windows
148 bug 284387 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW "[Contributions] [Compatibility] pagesite (Outline, Synchronize) actionbar contributions only show up once"
149 bug 320739 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Compatibility] 'Content Assist' submenu of the 'Edit' menu appears in the wrong place
150 bug 332130 4.4 M7 normal pelder NEW [Contexts] [Compatibility] create runtime contexts correctly
151 bug 347843 4.4 M7 normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] [Compatibility] Save handling has changed in 3.x
152 bug 366534 4.4 M7 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW [Compatibility] Failures in UIAutomatedSuite
153 bug 366562 4.4 M7 normal pelder NEW [Commands] [Compatibility] command service getHelpContextId(*) not implemented
154 bug 366595 4.4 M7 normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] [Compatibility] Failures in ServicesTestSuite
155 bug 368558 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Main tool bar should have its style bits defined by CSS
156 bug 371665 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Need a low colour or high contrast theme in 4.2
157 bug 355010 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka ASSIGNED [CSS] Understand default behaviour if product doesn't specify a theme
158 bug 372826 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka REOPENED [CSS] Changing a CSS class should fire an event to update application style
159 bug 267851 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [GlobalActions] Copy refactoring is not triggered in Project Explorer
160 bug 301687 4.4 M7 critical daniel.rolka NEW [Import/Export] Overwriting Files with Export feature
161 bug 110135 4.4 M7 enhancement daniel.rolka NEW [Import/Export] Import existing projects wizards: enhancements for duplicate projects
162 bug 371934 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Perspectives] [Compatibility] Extra/incorrect categories in the CPD
163 bug 379557 4.4 M7 minor emoffatt NEW [Trim] [Min/Max] Maximize animations problematic on multi-monitor setups
164 bug 391768 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] MenuManagerRenderer uses internal JFace API (MenuManagerEventHelper)
165 bug 392903 4.4 M7 normal emoffatt NEW "[RenderingEngine] Easier and more powerful lifecycle handling for Windows, Perspectives, ..."
166 bug 416142 4.4 M7 normal emoffatt NEW [ViewMgmt] [regression] Incomplete system menu for views
167 bug 318435 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Changes in the application model for the menu are not reflected in the user interface
168 bug 346009 4.4 M7 normal emoffatt NEW [DND] [Compatibility] Can't DND editors to an editor area in another window
169 bug 377448 4.4 M7 minor emoffatt NEW [DynamicGUI] Contributions Made Through IExtensionRegistry.addContribution May Or May Not Show Up
170 bug 378815 4.4 M7 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Need better story for handling model elements that should disappear on startup
171 bug 382151 4.4 M7 normal emoffatt NEW [RenderingEngine] Error Disposing Widget after restarting the first time
172 bug 383679 4.4 M7 major daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Contribution of a control via org.eclipse.ui.menus to a view toolbar leads to a NPE
173 bug 383914 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [QuickAccess] CMD+3 enables toolbar even if hidden previously
174 bug 384308 4.4 M7 normal emoffatt NEW [DND] Moving editors between windows not working (slow down of development on dual monitors)
175 bug 386743 4.4 M7 major daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Workbench window toolbar has rendering bugs
176 bug 391344 4.4 M7 normal pelder NEW ExecutionEvent trigger is not passed on to handler
177 bug 394386 4.4 M7 major daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Step-Into and Step-Return interchanged in M3
178 bug 395980 4.4 M7 normal pelder NEW [Contexts] [Compatibility] Activations and deactivations via the IContextService do not appear to be synchronous
179 bug 398027 4.4 M7 enhancement emoffatt NEW There should be a model tag to prevent resizing the shell
180 bug 398647 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Dynamic radio items in menu contribution not checked
181 bug 314159 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] part can be sized so small that text does not show and chevron dangles to left
182 bug 355949 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Too much white space around views without any purpose
183 bug 393454 4.4 M7 major emoffatt NEW [DND] Drag and Drop of views/parts: bad user experience
184 bug 388505 4.4 M7 normal pwebster NEW "[Workbench] ""Show In"" menu doesn't use MRU order any more"
185 bug 401633 4.4 M7 major Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Remove obvious performance bottlenecks
186 bug 402263 4.4 M7 normal daniel.rolka NEW [Import/Export] import from file system wizard does not show subdirectories
187 bug 404231 4.4 M7 major emoffatt NEW resetPerspectiveModel() does not reset the perspective
188 bug 408309 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Perspectives] Legacy PerspectiveListeners aren't fired for perspectivePreDeactivated and perspectiveDeactivated
189 bug 409678 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] @ProcessRemovals called before compatibility mode adds menu items
190 bug 410087 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] DirectToolItem does not evaluate @CanExecute
191 bug 411704 --- normal wojciech.sudol NEW [PropertiesView] Properties view not initialized with current selection when switching views
192 bug 412574 --- normal emoffatt NEW [EditorMgmt] Add 'New editor' to the editor tab's right click menu again!
193 bug 412634 --- major pwebster NEW [Workbench] Save All triggers multi-builds
194 bug 413096 --- major pwebster NEW [Workbench] 3.6.2 RCP application does not run correctly on 4.3 (workbench window is launching)
195 bug 414736 --- normal emoffatt NEW [PerspectiveBar] The Perspective Bar can't disabled via property
196 bug 414738 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Customize Perspective via extension point doesn't work
197 bug 415965 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW "[QuickAccess] ""Show whitespace characters"" is no longer in the ""Previous Choices"" after restart"
198 bug 416673 --- major pwebster NEW [Workbench] Corrupted workbench.xmi file causes silent Eclipse exit
199 bug 178081 --- major daniel.rolka ASSIGNED [Import/Export] BIDI3.3:<HCG:Dir\File path appear in RTL order instead of LTR order>
200 bug 320901 --- major daniel.rolka ASSIGNED [CSS] White background results in lost separators (non-classic themes)
201 bug 367094 --- normal platform-ui-triaged ASSIGNED [Compatibility] Programmatically created CommandContributionItems show wrong enablement state
202 bug 375744 --- normal pwebster REOPENED [Workbench] Command-Q does not ask to confirm exit
203 bug 378184 --- normal bsd REOPENED [Compatibility] Part with custom title image loses the image after drop
204 bug 359059 --- normal pwebster REOPENED [Commands] [Compatibility] Undefined context error when restarting with a PHP file open
205 bug 366600 --- normal pwebster REOPENED [Workbench] [Compatibility] the 3.x mediator services don't seem to be created
206 bug 343863 --- normal emoffatt NEW [DND] [Compatibility] Dragging active part does not update active stack
207 bug 309248 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] [Compatibility] Unsaved changes dialog needs polish
208 bug 316470 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Compatibility] e4 story for dealing with custom IContributionItem implementations
209 bug 337594 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] [Compatibility] ISources.ACTIVE_WORKBENCH_WINDOW_ACTIVE_PERSPECTIVE_NAME is not in the context
210 bug 339352 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Compatibility] [DND] hitting ESC caused an NPE
211 bug 342911 --- minor emoffatt NEW [ViewMgmt] [Compatibility] DBCS4.1 Problems view icon does not indicate error/warning in Eclipse 4.1
212 bug 361469 --- normal emoffatt NEW [ViewMgmt] Improve PartStack keyboard accessibility
213 bug 366564 --- normal pelder NEW [Commands] [Compatibility] command state not properly represented in Eclipse 4
214 bug 373011 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Action#setText(String) does not update in 4.2
215 bug 374307 --- major pwebster NEW [Workbench] 3.x bridge - how we make corresponding 4.x elements
216 bug 387291 --- normal emoffatt NEW [FastView] Remove 'Fast view' preference references
217 bug 399659 --- major pelder NEW [KeyBindings] Updating a keybinding causes CCE
218 bug 410164 --- normal emoffatt NEW [DND] Duplicate views appear after dragging view in share area and back to stack
219 bug 242246 --- normal pelder NEW [Commands] HandlerUtil.getActivePart() returns null when a dialog is opened.
220 bug 325937 --- major daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Active part/stack hard to detect
221 bug 348250 --- normal emoffatt NEW [RenderingEngine] Context's are not correctly reparented in createGui
222 bug 357652 --- normal pwebster NEW [Compatibility] Allow model contribution to be merged into the model AFTER the compat layer
223 bug 361133 --- major emoffatt NEW [Compatibility] WorkbenchWindowAdvisor.createWindowContents(Shell) not called any more
224 bug 369796 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Enable unibrow editor mode in CSS
225 bug 369882 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] visibleWhen and checkenabled=true not working correctly in menu
226 bug 376302 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] editor ruler not/hardly visible
227 bug 379803 4.4 M3 normal emoffatt FIXED addStandaloneView ignores the show title argument
228 bug 380138 --- normal emoffatt NEW "[EditorMgmt] editor list popup not updated on ""close"" action"
229 bug 383832 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] WorkbenchAdvisor#postStartup behaviour changed
230 bug 384240 --- enhancement emoffatt NEW [DND] Allow to drag'n'drop view on a minimized stack
231 bug 385507 --- normal pelder NEW [DI] @Inject/@Execute @Preference method isn't called
232 bug 385840 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Setting a new label and tooltip text to a HandledToolItem does not work
233 bug 400496 --- normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Invalid Menu Extension in show in menu
234 bug 402593 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW "[Contributions] ControlContrubution does not notify registered listeners--Works in Indigo, not in Juno"
235 bug 409622 --- normal pwebster NEW [Model] Perspective contributed via fragment is not registered in PerspectiveRegistry
236 bug 411724 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Trim] Hidden toolbar doesn't stay hidden
237 bug 418231 --- normal emoffatt NEW "[EditorMgmt] [regression] Editor pin doesn't toggle, doesn't remember preference on restart"
238 bug 325965 --- normal pwebster NEW [Commands] org.eclipse.ui.workbench and org.eclipse.core.expression are preventing the GarbageCollector from removing uninstalled plug-ins
239 bug 345939 --- minor daniel_megert ASSIGNED Key Assist dialog: info text should show key strokes in single quotes
240 bug 345951 --- normal daniel_megert WORKSFORME Key Assist dialog: can execute command by pressing 'Return' but not by pressing 'Enter'
241 bug 226842 --- major pelder ASSIGNED [KeyBindings] Can only switch to Emacs keybindings once.
242 bug 191256 --- normal pwebster ASSIGNED [Perspectives] perspectiveExtensions not applied after installing feature and restarting workbench
243 bug 339415 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] DynamicMenuContributionItem's isVisible() does not delegate to loadedDynamicContribution's isVisible()
244 bug 416761 --- enhancement daniel_megert NEW Open File command should remember the last used folder across restarts
245 bug 208233 --- enhancement emoffatt NEW [Trim] Allow for sliding toolbars
246 bug 360065 --- normal emoffatt NEW NPE in dndaddon.DnDManager
247 bug 263820 --- normal pelder NEW [Commands] [UI] Handlers seems to resolve their URIs early
248 bug 234331 --- enhancement Lars.Vogel NEW [Viewers] IStructuredSelection should be Iterable
249 bug 412322 --- enhancement pelder NEW [DI] Release ExtendedObjectSupplier as API for Eclipse 4.4
250 bug 279631 --- normal emoffatt NEW [ViewMgmt] [Compatibility] View toolbar clips folder tab
251 bug 284413 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Model] [Compatibility] Create a model instance wizard
252 bug 308642 --- major pelder NEW [Commands] [Compatibility] command executed in closed XML view
253 bug 309807 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] [Compatibility] SelectionServiceImpl throws NPE in @PD if the window has perspectives
254 bug 316515 --- normal emoffatt NEW [RenderingEngine] [Compatibility] IPresentationEngine.stop called twice
255 bug 318460 --- major daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Compatibility] Failed to open error log in I20100629-2126
256 bug 320262 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Perspectives] [Compatibility] switching back to the Java perspective gives me a blank
257 bug 325779 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Trim] [Compatibility] minimized stack is gone
258 bug 411133 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Import/Export] Cannot import project into workspace
259 bug 391711 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Markers] org.eclipse.ui.internal.views.markers.QuickFixHandler duplicates selected marker
260 bug 164372 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [OpenModes] OpenStrategy not working properly for the Expand-Event
261 bug 386803 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [QuickAccess] Active Keybinding Contexts not deactivated in Quick Access
262 bug 231314 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Themes] ColorRegistry is not sharing Color resources
263 bug 275923 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Wizards] NPE in WizardDialog's updateButtons()
264 bug 372508 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] CoreExpressions for first level MMenus under MMenu bar are not evaluated
265 bug 374132 --- major pwebster NEW [Workbench] [Compatibility][api] IWorkbenchPage's showEditor(*) and hideEditor(*) methods are unimplemented
266 bug 376491 --- normal pelder NEW [KeyBindings] Compare editor shortcuts
267 bug 378106 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Compatibility] Changes to DirectContributionItems should update corresponding actions
268 bug 382070 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Dynamic menu model changes are not reflected in the UI
269 bug 382224 --- enhancement pwebster NEW [WorkbenchLauncher] Suggestion for an E4 Splash Screen Service
270 bug 406763 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] Workbench is returning null for IWorkbenchActivitySupport.
271 bug 407300 --- major pelder NEW [KeyBindings] [Compatibility] Key bindings are not correctly handled
272 bug 162006 --- normal remysuen NEW [QuickAccess] Make Ctrl-3 extensible
273 bug 244364 --- enhancement emoffatt NEW [MPE] [EditorMgmt] Implement a split editor based on AbstractMultiEditor
274 bug 308689 --- normal wojciech.sudol NEW [Dialogs] FilteredItemsSelectionDialog ignores single asterisk (*)
275 bug 317379 --- enhancement emoffatt NEW [DetachedView] [Presentations] All detached views pop up when user clicks on only one of the detached views or main window
276 bug 344638 --- enhancement pwebster NEW [ErrorHandling] Enhance the Logger's 'SHOW' dialog with one the contains the Error View
277 bug 356457 --- normal wojciech.sudol NEW "[Markers] Problems view loses its ""group by"" state when being closed"
278 bug 366991 --- normal wojciech.sudol NEW "[Markers] NPE in MarkerGroup.addEntry() by opening the Problems view via ""Ctrl+3"""
279 bug 374894 --- major daniel.rolka NEW [ActionSets] [Contributions] WWinPluginActions need to clean up on part close
280 bug 375401 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Intro] Minimizing Welcome/Intro hides toolbars
281 bug 378873 --- normal platform-ui-triaged NEW """Configuration"" menu contribution at wrong position in Java editor breadcrumb"
282 bug 379396 --- normal platform-ui-triaged NEW How to set the style of the application window
283 bug 379806 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Perspectives] IWorkbenchPage.savePerspective throws an Exception
284 bug 382648 --- enhancement platform-ui-triaged NEW add Trace Log view
285 bug 383793 --- normal emoffatt NEW """Open Perspective"" button does not show a list of default perspectives"
286 bug 387821 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [CPD] CustomizePerspectiveDialog requires 2 checks to hide Navigate>Show In
287 bug 388918 --- normal emoffatt NEW Clean up code in org.eclipse.e4.ui.widgets.ImageBasedFrame.drawFrame(PaintEvent)
288 bug 390376 --- normal emoffatt NEW [DetachedView] opening file should open in the editor window that has focus
289 bug 392457 --- major daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] cannot create dynamic Status bar controls in eclipse 4.2
290 bug 393695 --- normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [Regression] setGlobalActionHandlers(*) is stashing handlers in different locations
291 bug 397960 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW "[Contributions] [CPD] Run/Debug buttons gone, can't customize perspective"
292 bug 398475 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] CSS3 property 'font-size-adjust' is called 'font-adjust' in SWT CSS renderer
293 bug 402322 --- major emoffatt NEW [WorkbenchParts] Workbench window can report an active part/editor while firing page closed
294 bug 403646 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Toolbar icons are misplaced the first time a clean workspace is used
295 bug 410973 --- normal emoffatt NEW [DND] IEditorPart loses custom icon on detach/move
296 bug 412144 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Trim] Accessibility - Shortcuts not working after the last open editor is maximized and closed
297 bug 413213 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Separators on toolbar from menu contribution are not showing.
298 bug 413474 --- normal emoffatt NEW "[EditorMgmt] [navigation] After switching perspective, Back no longer returns to the point where a Hyperlink was clicked"
299 bug 414743 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Seperator in own Toolbar are not rendered
300 bug 417351 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Min/Max] [WorkbenchParts] No active editor after maximizing then restoring a view
301 bug 174689 --- normal pwebster NEW [Contributions] Commands not appearing in Customize Perspective dialog
302 bug 379426 --- major pwebster NEW [Compatibility] CompoundContributionItems result in duplicate menu items
303 bug 360468 --- normal markus_keller ASSIGNED Improve 'Open Resource' dialog filtering sort order
304 bug 345932 --- normal daniel_megert ASSIGNED Key Assist dialog should update status info text each time
305 bug 376862 --- normal Michael_Rennie ASSIGNED [patch] Applying PatternFilter on ElementTreeSelectionDialog results in NullPointerException
306 bug 195672 --- normal emoffatt REOPENED "[DetachedView] Search dialog misses some options, if called from detached package explorer"
307 bug 366364 --- normal emoffatt REOPENED DS-Check in E4Application is meaningless
308 bug 396035 --- normal pelder REOPENED [Commands] ExecutionException leads to InjectionException
309 bug 361580 --- normal emoffatt NEW The Contributed part renderer's 'getUIContainer' can throw a CCE for a part contained in a sash Container
310 bug 389920 --- normal emoffatt NEW perspective overlays portion of Welcome page after installing EGit
311 bug 319121 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] [Compatibility] 'Breakpoints' view goes dirty but cannot be saved
312 bug 319182 --- major emoffatt NEW [Trim] [Compatibility] calling removeGui on menuBar causes TrimmedPartLayout.layout(*) exception
313 bug 320161 --- minor pwebster NEW "[About] [Compatibility] About dialog shows scroll bars, need to backport bug 292868"
314 bug 320672 --- normal emoffatt NEW [WorkbenchParts] [Compatibility] SWTException when activating an editor with stale content causes
315 bug 320932 --- critical pwebster NEW [Workbench] [Compatibility] Can't start Eclipse 4 SDK with proxy authentication
316 bug 333742 --- normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW [Compatibility] MoDisco needs to run on Eclipse 4.x
317 bug 333763 --- normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW [Compatibility] Acceleo needs to run on Eclipse 4.x
318 bug 334303 --- normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW [Compatibility] Web Tools Platform needs to run on Eclipse 4.x
319 bug 355426 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Model] [Compatibility] Isolate all model relative searching code into one method
320 bug 368588 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] Workbench window toolbar configuration always goes to right justification
321 bug 385295 --- normal wojciech.sudol NEW [PropertiesView] Malformed Java class properties with Hebrew
322 bug 391914 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Trim] [Min/Max] Minimize error
323 bug 403011 --- minor emoffatt NEW [RenderingEngine] Full screen mode not remembered
324 bug 411386 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Perspectives] Enable separate UI presentations based on monitor configurations
325 bug 413943 4.4 M4 enhancement pwebster NEW "[Workbench] Make ""instance/org.eclipse.ui.ide/WORKSPACE_NAME"" a public preference"
326 bug 28722 --- enhancement platform-ui-triaged NEW [EditorMgmt] tabs: Split tabs in editor into several lines
327 bug 183458 --- enhancement me NEW [Progress] Need to have UIJobs wait until workbench has started
328 bug 209873 --- normal emoffatt NEW "[Workbench] [Incubator] Support dependency injection for contributed views, editors, etc"
329 bug 320727 --- normal emoffatt NEW [WorkbenchParts] IPartListener2.partVisible is called twice
330 bug 338827 --- normal pelder NEW [Commands] Regression in 3.6.2 handler enabledWhen core expression
331 bug 348331 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Dialogs] Customize Perspective dialog - disabled/unavailable tree item labels not visible
332 bug 350799 --- normal pelder NEW [Commands] Toolbar drop downs do not appear (menuContribution)
333 bug 354190 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Compatibility] Dynamic menu displays only first item when extending ContributionItem rather than CompoundContributionItem
334 bug 360815 --- normal pwebster NEW [Compatibility] Cannot retrieve model item from within a legacy handler
335 bug 366080 --- normal emoffatt NEW expanding java editor that is not the currently selected editor causes screen painting issues
336 bug 372247 --- normal pwebster NEW [KeyBindings] interactions: Mnemonics should not work across workbench parts
337 bug 372448 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Colour mismatch in the workbench toolbar
338 bug 372523 --- major pwebster NEW [Workbench] Rework Workbench startup so it doesn't use LegacyIDE.e4xmi
339 bug 372799 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] [GlobalActions] ViewPart cannot adapt ISaveablePart any longer but must implement it.
340 bug 373015 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Provide support for system theme properties in CSS
341 bug 377293 --- normal pelder NEW [Commands] [Compatibility] ICommandService/IExecutionListener pattern needs re-visit
342 bug 378798 --- normal pwebster NEW [WorkbenchLauncher] bidi2012 - Incorrect display of Workspace path with Hebrew in workspace list
343 bug 379257 --- enhancement platform-ui-triaged NEW [GlobalActions] Registering actions should not be required to use standard org.eclipse.ui commands
344 bug 380233 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Trim] Right-clicking on the tool bar to customize it no longer works
345 bug 380995 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] LegacyIDE.e4xmi is not in an optional plugin
346 bug 384351 --- major daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Compatibility problem: Menu- and toolbar are not empty in Eclipse 4.2 even if configured via WorkbenchWindowAdvisor
347 bug 385003 4.4 M4 enhancement pwebster NEW [Themes] Provide a set of icons with alpha transparency for dark themes - Platform icons
348 bug 389620 --- minor pelder NEW [KeyBindings] Cannot unbind or disable behaviour of ALT+SHIFT+D multi-stroke key bindings
349 bug 390398 --- minor emoffatt NEW "[Trim] TrimBar set to invisible when setting ""Spacer Glue"" invisible"
350 bug 390787 --- major pelder NEW [key binding] Chinese content assist key bindings broken
351 bug 390980 --- enhancement daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Plug-in example for 'popupMenu' uses deprecated popupMenu extension
352 bug 400217 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Not possible to change visibility of tool items or menu items at runtime
353 bug 402309 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] registerVisibleWhen is not implemented on IContributionRoot
354 bug 408592 --- normal emoffatt NEW [WorkbenchParts] Plugin's view gets reloaded in spite of being a removed plugin
355 bug 408740 --- normal emoffatt NEW Define / Refine the way we want activation to work when we switch perspectives.
356 bug 409149 --- normal emoffatt NEW "[WorkbenchParts] partService.hidePart(part, true) does not respect MDirtyable"
357 bug 410426 --- major daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Compatibility] VisibleWhen from contribution factories not handled in toolbars
358 bug 410485 --- normal emoffatt NEW [EditorMgmt] [DetachedEditor] Opening an editor when a detached window has focus opens in workbench window instead of detached window
359 bug 410723 --- normal emoffatt NEW [FastView] E4 misses a button for opening a new (fast) view
360 bug 410749 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] Don't prompt to save on close when editor input opened elsewhere
361 bug 414544 --- normal emoffatt NEW [WorkbenchParts] PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getActiveWorkbenchWindow().getActivePage().getActivePart() is NULL
362 bug 414611 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Toolbar order is not restored after restart (org.eclipse.ui.menus toolbar)
363 bug 414845 --- major emoffatt NEW "[Model] Order within elements added by fragments is reversed if ""before:"" or ""after:"" flag is used in ""Position in List"" attribute."
364 bug 415241 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Markers] The Tasks View displays the same item multiple times if there are symbolic link duplicates
365 bug 418241 --- normal francisu NEW [Navigator] [CommonNavigator] Resource support has wrong expression on org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources.GoIntoActions
366 bug 418275 4.4 M3 enhancement pwebster FIXED "[IDE] Own view (source) is not listed in ""Show In"" menu when explicitly requested by IShowInTargetList"
367 bug 418908 --- normal emoffatt NEW [EditorMgmt] Editor drop-down list does not show custom icons
368 bug 419021 4.4 M3 normal daniel_megert FIXED [EditorMgmt] EditorPart.setPartName leads to NPE
369 bug 359778 --- normal wojciech.sudol NEW [ActivityMgmt] [Compatibility] Commands Capabilities / Activities in Eclipse 4
370 bug 376896 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Toolbar button order off in newly created window
371 bug 370430 --- normal pelder NEW "[KeyBindings] Rename ""Workbench"" context and hide if not supported"
372 bug 379216 --- normal emoffatt ASSIGNED [Model] Elements with no elementID coming from fragments are never matched by ModelAssember and duplicated on startup
373 bug 366606 --- normal platform-ui-triaged REOPENED [Compatibility] Failures in ContextsTestSuite
374 bug 189959 --- enhancement emoffatt NEW Allow for custom branded detached view windows
375 bug 153761 --- enhancement me NEW [Mac] Investigate API for contributing to the application menu
376 bug 310139 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Perspectives] [Compatibility] synchronizing switches perspectives
377 bug 356787 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Wizards] Widget Dispose Error
378 bug 170205 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [WorkingSets] NPE in org.eclipse.ui.XMLMemento.getChildren(
379 bug 412970 4.4 M5 normal daniel.rolka NEW [WorkingSets] Working sets reset after closing eclipse
380 bug 271613 --- normal wojciech.sudol NEW [ActivityMgmt] Preference-pages and activities
381 bug 236416 --- normal wojciech.sudol NEW [ActivityMgmt] Capabilities are not correctly adding their new project wizards to the main menu if added to an existing installation
382 bug 314463 --- normal emoffatt NEW [EditorMgmt] [Compatibility] Cannot reopen one editor - NPE in PartServiceImpl
383 bug 320733 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [WorkbenchLauncher] [Compatibility] Exception logged once when bringing up the 'Team' submenu
384 bug 347643 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Compatibility] Editor actions linger in toolbar when opening new workbench window
385 bug 369978 --- normal emoffatt NEW [ViewMgmt] Regression in traversal of editor tabs from 3.x to 4.x
386 bug 375734 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Trim] make contributed trims moveable
387 bug 378591 --- enhancement daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Popupmenu: hide menu item by evaluating outcome of @CanExecute-annotated method
388 bug 401488 --- normal pelder NEW [KeyBindings] Key binding conflict reported for a multipage editor even though the functionality works
389 bug 416138 --- normal emoffatt NEW [DND] [regression] Missing DnD support for minimized stack items
390 bug 278647 --- minor pelder NEW [KeyBindings] Remove Keys..Export
391 bug 317465 --- normal emoffatt NEW Implement context menu equivalents for 3.x context menus on Views/Editors/Perspectives (in the switcher)
392 bug 318224 --- normal pwebster NEW [Decorators] Decoration context should specify decoration area in image (was: Model-based synchronize view shows decorations at unexpected location)
393 bug 321864 --- normal emoffatt NEW "[Compatibility] Parts, placeholders, editor areas, and what they mean to the 3.x API"
394 bug 336612 --- major pwebster NEW [Workbench] Save blocks UI instead of reporting progress
395 bug 351367 --- normal platform-ui-triaged FIXED Remove the use of the 'deltas' approach
396 bug 352938 --- normal pwebster NEW [Commands] two propertyTester are crashing on selection with two different objects
397 bug 382625 --- normal emoffatt NEW "[Perspectives] Setting org.eclipse.ui/PERSPECTIVE_BAR_EXTRAS=myPerspectiveId1,myPerspectiveId2 in plugin_customization.ini"
398 bug 384548 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Two distinct break point view menus
399 bug 385015 --- enhancement daniel.rolka NEW "[CSS] Easily adjust font, size and color of *every* UI element"
400 bug 385548 --- normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [rcp] minimized part's tooltip not translated
401 bug 386804 --- normal emoffatt NEW [DND] The target area to DND Views and Editors into existing stacks is too small
402 bug 395455 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [CPD] Disabled command groups are re-enabled upon restart
403 bug 398277 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] swt-show-close inconsistent with swt-x-visible
404 bug 401735 --- normal emoffatt NEW [DND] can't move editor tab to first position when editor area overflows
405 bug 405542 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] More than one workbench save job can run
406 bug 413112 --- normal pelder NEW [Commands] The parameters of ExecutionEvent are lost in HandlerServiceHandler#execute
407 bug 414888 --- normal emoffatt NEW [WorkbenchParts] Context menu retained cross editors
408 bug 417380 --- trivial daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Using the Go Into context menu causes view chrome to disappear
409 bug 418070 --- major wojciech.sudol NEW [PropertiesView] [Min/Max] Data getting disappeared on maximizing a property view
410 bug 364843 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Compatibility] missing tooltips on some actions in main toolbar
411 bug 88382 --- normal emoffatt ASSIGNED [DetachedViews] Placeholder lost when view detached
412 bug 244316 --- major pwebster ASSIGNED "[WorkbenchLauncher] File->""Switch Workspace""->Other does nothing first time"
413 bug 374568 --- normal pwebster REOPENED Part menu is not rendered correctly after removing menu items.
414 bug 221172 --- normal emoffatt REOPENED [Commands] [ViewMgmt] Window > Show View doesn't open existing instances of multi-instance views
415 bug 347140 --- normal platform-ui-triaged REOPENED [Compatibility] Toolbar rendering very slow / looks animated
416 bug 378849 --- normal pwebster REOPENED [CPD] CustomizePerspectiveDialog no longer shows actionSet details
417 bug 316072 --- normal pelder NEW [Commands] [Compatibility] clicking on a method in the editor threw an exception
418 bug 318218 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Perspectives] [Compatibility] trying to close the Java perspective throws NPEs
419 bug 331131 --- minor pwebster NEW [Workbench] [Compatibility] Closing a project generates errors
420 bug 341346 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Perspectives] [Compatibility] part does not exist ... but it does
421 bug 363069 --- normal pelder NEW [KeyBindings] [Compatibility] multi-stroke key bindings should provide status line indication
422 bug 373007 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Missing context menu on workbench window toolbar (Customize Perspective...)
423 bug 397704 --- normal pelder NEW [Model] ElementContainerImpl.getChildren uses expensive computation
424 bug 201589 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Contributions] visibleWhen has no effect on toolbar
425 bug 222877 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [BiDi] [WorkbenchLauncher] BIDI3.4:HCG Inconsistent alignment in combo box containing file path
426 bug 349144 --- normal emoffatt NEW [EditorMgmt] [UI] Editor Stack selection needs refinement
427 bug 359597 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Perspectives] Reset perspective with views in shared area should reset views in all effected perspectives
428 bug 365804 --- normal pwebster NEW [BiDi] [Bidi] HEW TVT : RTL affecting path names and negative numbers.
429 bug 373016 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Provide support for font size as a percentage in CSS
430 bug 388625 --- enhancement emoffatt NEW [ViewMgmt] allow views to share space for a header and the toolbar
431 bug 394036 --- enhancement wojciech.sudol NEW [Progress] The Progress view does not track the state of enabled commands
432 bug 394958 --- normal pelder NEW [KeyBindings] The key binding of a contributed menu item is no longer shown
433 bug 396271 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Trim] Class extending WorkbenchWindowControlContribution not invoking isVisible() method in Juno
434 bug 397029 --- normal emoffatt NEW [MPE] MultiPageEditorPart is leaked via perspective's EclipseContext
435 bug 399100 --- minor pwebster NEW [Workbench] Clicking a Preference page hyperlink that directs to a view can cause Conflicting Handler errors.
436 bug 406097 --- normal emoffatt NEW Add ability to drag and drop shared editor area
437 bug 409055 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Markers] Marker Properties do not resize
438 bug 410208 4.4 M3 normal emoffatt FIXED Multiwindow Application Restore
439 bug 410432 --- major daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Compatibility] Different behaviors for toolbar contribution through factories with bundle and target platform
440 bug 410624 --- normal emoffatt NEW [DND] Drag&Drop from Firefox onto Editor area fails
441 bug 413626 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] IntroHandler fails because of early initialialization
442 bug 417724 --- normal wojciech.sudol NEW [Viewers] Generify IElementComparer
443 bug 418589 --- normal emoffatt NEW [EditorMgmt] closePart activates
444 bug 378495 --- normal pwebster NEW Part Toolbar does not refresh when toolbar items are removed
445 bug 206559 --- normal ob1.eclipse NEW [Preferences] Preferences dialog should have link to export/import
446 bug 133407 --- enhancement pwebster ASSIGNED [KeyBindings] prefernece page: Allow to limit Scheme-Selection in Keys-Preferences to only one
447 bug 357282 --- normal emoffatt NEW Provide fading feedback for large screen operations
448 bug 117746 --- normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [EditorMgmt] Editors should be able to treat large files specially (e.g. deny opening huge files)
449 bug 299493 --- enhancement emoffatt NEW [Trim] Need a status line renderer / enhancements to trim model
450 bug 319983 --- normal pwebster NEW [Workbench] [Compatibility] Reassess how selection should work in PageBookView
451 bug 338470 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Trim] Minimized stacks break lazy loading rules
452 bug 345762 --- major daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] Tool bar in the photo demo's tab folder looks awful
453 bug 348429 --- major emoffatt NEW [Perspectives] [Compare] NPE in ContentMergeViewerLayout.layout
454 bug 348940 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Trim] [UI] Dragging a stack into the shared area leaves its min/max buttons showing
455 bug 352690 --- normal emoffatt NEW [DND] EditorAreaDropAdapter should ignore empty events
456 bug 364975 --- normal emoffatt NEW [patch][Presentations] Icons from one view's toolbar flicker in the top left view's title area
457 bug 366543 --- minor wojciech.sudol NEW [Progress] Text in progress dialog is truncated even if progress dialog has plenty of space
458 bug 368187 --- normal ob1.eclipse NEW Services pre-API cleanup
459 bug 372393 --- normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [Compatibility] Remove MRenderedToolBar and its associated renderer
460 bug 374051 --- enhancement wojciech.sudol NEW [JFace] SWTFocusBlockManager & FocusBlockHighlighter
461 bug 379094 --- normal platform-ui-triaged NEW bidi2012 - Error when paste project path with Hebrew to Windows Explorer
462 bug 379720 --- normal wojciech.sudol NEW [PropertiesDialog] [BiDi] bidi2012- Incorrect display of path with Hebrew characters in Properties view - AIX
463 bug 381487 --- normal pwebster NEW [BiDi] Handle bidi in affected text fields (when Hebrew characters appear in the path)
464 bug 383654 --- normal platform-ui-triaged NEW 'Toggle Editor Area Visibility' needs to be renamed to 'Toggle Shared Area Visibility'
465 bug 384349 --- major daniel.rolka NEW "[Contributions] New Toolbar in Eclipse 4.2 with Resume, Step Into, ... is lost after restoring the perspective"
466 bug 385302 --- normal pelder NEW [KeyBindings] Some custom ALT+... shortcuts do not work in Juno
467 bug 388510 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Perspectives] Regression to 4.2: perspective commands enabled even if no perspective open ==> Exceptions
468 bug 392690 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Trim] [Min/Max] FastView toolbar shows wrong icon when junit run causes Console and Junit views to appear
469 bug 400263 --- normal platform-ui-triaged NEW "RuntimeException ""Cycle while computing..."""
470 bug 401534 --- critical pelder NEW [KeyBindings] Keyboard shortcuts don't work in all views
471 bug 402509 --- enhancement platform-ui-triaged NEW [api] Need a mechanism for filtering context menus
472 bug 404535 --- enhancement emoffatt NEW [EditorMgmt] Enabling navigation history for inter tab navigation in multi page editors
473 bug 405521 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [CSS] Provide default CSS styling for RCP applications running on compatibility layer
474 bug 407238 --- normal emoffatt NEW [DetachedView] Seperate window containing view has no title
475 bug 409081 --- normal pwebster NEW BIDI 4.2.2 : Welcome Page isn't correctly mirrored
476 bug 411017 --- normal platform-ui-triaged FIXED Retire org.eclipse.ui.examples.presentation plug-in
477 bug 412302 --- normal pelder NEW [KeyBindings] on non active parts key bindings does not work
478 bug 413952 --- normal pwebster NEW [RCP] WorkbenchConfigurer.getSaveAndRestore() is not called anywhere
479 bug 153470 --- enhancement emoffatt ASSIGNED [DND] API for managing and veto-ing the drag-n-drop of parts
480 bug 123808 --- enhancement pwebster ASSIGNED [RCP] [WorkbenchParts] Allow app to hide actions in editor and view system menus
481 bug 387978 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Trim] [Min/Max] Console popup (above another maximized view/editor) does not disappear anymore as long as it hasn't got focus at least once
482 bug 290008 --- enhancement emoffatt NEW [DnD] Enhance drag and drop to automatically surface the view/editor if hidden in a tab
483 bug 364838 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [Compatibility] NPE in PopupMenuExtender#cleanUpContributionCache while running SWTBot
484 bug 379719 --- normal pwebster NEW "[BiDi] bidi2012 - Wrong display of Hebrew in Properties caption, AIX"
485 bug 380663 --- major platform-ui-triaged NEW Starting an old 4.2 workspace with a new build resets the perspectives
486 bug 380931 --- normal emoffatt NEW [WorkbenchParts] NotHandledException in Sketch diagram after pressing Shift-Del
487 bug 383746 --- trivial pwebster NEW [About] Splash - missing space / About window - missing slash
488 bug 392538 --- normal emoffatt NEW [Trim] Placeholder & minimizing / maximizing error
489 bug 403221 --- normal emoffatt NEW [DetachedWindow] Eclipse secondary windows acts abnormally
490 bug 405561 --- normal daniel.rolka NEW [Contributions] [CPD] Menu is not refreshed after perspective switch
491 bug 379992 --- normal emoffatt NEW [DND] NPE dragging Error Log view out to desktop

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