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Platform UI/BugList

Eclipse 4.1 SDK Hot Bugs List (GA)

As you can see we've fixed quite a number of issues during 4.1's release cycle. Any of the defects below which aren't struck out still remain open and have been moved forward for a fix in 4.1.1.

strike out -> FIXED Ok green.gif -> Verified


bug 320932 Can't start Eclipse 4.0 SDK (Early Adopter Release) with proxy authentication

  • worked around

Ok green.gif bug 338755 Unable to dock view at bottom of editor area

Ok green.gif bug 339701 Unable to split the shared area without the resulting stack being contained in the shared area

Ok green.gif bug 340696 Can't create view stack under the editor

bug 344003 e4 source bundles (still) need about.html files

  • P1 John

Ok green.gif bug 336862 [Compatibility] Java editor context menu's OpaqueMenuItem causes editor to leak

Ok green.gif bug 340565 Missing "none" grouping in Problems view

Ok green.gif bug 341497 Minimized editor is clipped

Ok green.gif bug 345193 Too many icon separators in toolbar

bug 344704 'Paste Repository Path' command hijacks Ctrl+V forever

Ok green.gif bug 332246 <visibleWhen> clauses are not honoured on the first popup

Ok green.gif bug 332327 [Compatibility] <dynamic> org.eclipse.ui.menus contributions to text editors appears to be ignored

bug 333506 Delete key deleting wrong project in Package Explorer

bug 336061 Extra (empty) menu in the workbench window's menu bar

Ok green.gif bug 284388 [Compatibility] editor action bar contributions appear at the end of the top trim

bug 338221 Exit does not prompt (macos)

Ok green.gif bug 339690 [Compatibility] Empty tool bar shows up after switching from one perspective to another

Ok green.gif bug 344526 stack min/max controls now extremely ugly

Ok green.gif bug 347205 Window tool bar separators starts growing separators

Ok green.gif bug 346156 Synchronize view contributions to trim status bar goes missing

Ok green.gif bug 346302 Tab folder line not drawn properly in 'Classic' them

Ok green.gif bug 346148 Missing setFocus call on tab selection

Ok green.gif bug 345768 [Compatibility] selection change includes one call with old value

  • Invalid

Ok green.gif bug 345736 [Compatibility] Opening an HTML page goes external

Ok green.gif bug 346390 Ctrl+A (select all) is not applied to the (right) focused area

Ok green.gif bug 347471 Shared area disappears and then Eclipse becomes unusable

Ok green.gif bug 347940 [Compatibility] Timer execs greatly affect XWindow based systems

Ok green.gif bug 347983 [UI] Splitting a DW no longer works

Ok green.gif bug 348215 Reattaching a detached stack with multiple views will cause part disposal

bug 348609 Drag start fails on Linux and Mac

Ok green.gif bug 348582 Shared area grows in number of part stacks after having moved views inside it

Ok green.gif bug 349076 NPE thrown when trying to close parts after merging detached stacks

bug 348817 WTP Source Editing Source/Refactor menus are visible and empty

Ok green.gif bug 349118 'Outline' view disappeared after maximizing a view

bug 349135 [Compatibility] Dirty parts in detached windows will not be saved when resetting a perspective


Ok green.gif bug 321419 Eclipse SDK 4.0 Should be available for Solaris, AIX and HPUX

bug 333105 Support minimal compatibility with 4.0 workspaces

  • to check

Ok green.gif bug 335050 Shared area becomes destroyed after splitting vertically and then splitting the bottom part horizontally

Ok green.gif {bug 340358 Trim can go empty after maximizing a part that was restored after being minimized from a maximized shared area{

{bug 345764 DND moves tab to the end even though it seems like a no-op{

Ok green.gif bug 320251 [Compatibility] Ctrl+F10 doesn't bring up the view menu

bug 340026 @canExecute in Handlers does not effect tool items in a toolbar

bug 339982 MenuContribution with visibleWhen Expression still visible when false

Ok green.gif bug 332240 [Compatibility] Invalid CompoundContributionItem contributions are showing up - need more info, property testers?

bug 334855 allowLabelUpdate does not work (was: Navigate > Open Declaration missing)

bug 345494 Add support for missing MacOS UI commands from org.eclipse.ui.ide

Ok green.gif bug 325768 'Toggle Mark Occurrences' tool bar button not in enabled state

Ok green.gif bug 347779 Search / Perspective Switcher not right aligned when wrapped

bug 349089 PerspectiveSwitcher Error when no cairo library presen


Ok green.gif bug 329457 [compatibility] Editors do not get reused

bug 330135 Start e4 RCP several times fails

bug 336613 [Compatibility] View menu disappears when opening a shell in TM

bug 344029 Editor navigation and Tab-Ordering

  • Boris

bug 343273 Quick Access dialog opens on wrong monitor

bug 329562 [Compatibility] Plug-in Spy does not find information about active shell

bug 340088 [Compatibility] Investigate API tooling errors on 4.1 against 3.7 baseline

bug 340875 Opening file from minimized package explorer does not switch to editor

bug 340889 JUnit view results background color on 4.1SDK

bug 345762 Tool bar in the photo demo's tab folder looks awful

  • Bogdan

bug 345468 Translations not occurring for handled menu items

bug 321294 [Compatibility] Ctrl+E is unimplemented

bug 319704 Toolbar button ordering broken

bug 331662 [Compatibility] Menu ordering is off in 'Variables' view's view menu

bug 334854 Contributed 'Navigate' menu items reordered and in wrong groups


bug 332499 Injecting IStatusLineManager throws an InjectionException


bug 328935 Need a story for how to merge 3.x changes to o.e.ui.workbench into the 4.x stream

bug 330115 [Compatibility] support the old-style EditorMenuManager

bug 345564 testKeyDispatcherReset failed

bug 333363 Setting Toolbar menucontribution to visible false makes menu disappear

bug 340695 Can't reposition minimized stacks

bug 339130 Unable to save perspective

bug 346737 Focus goes crazy with conflicting breadcrumb toggling command

  • Bug exists in 3.x

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