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Eclipse Platform Summit @ EclipseCon Europe 2016 A one-day Eclipse Platform & Related Tools Summit will be held at EclipseCon Europe 2016 before the main conference. This is a chance for Eclipse Platform users and extenders, old and new to get together to collaborate and drive the future direction of the Eclipse platform project. The goal of this day is to exchange information, get a global vision of what we would like to have and to open the relevant bugs to work on.

UPDATE : Thanks everyone for attending. Here are the minutes of the meeting.

- Individual introduction
- what are/could be some improvement areas in 4.7
   - simplification of UI, specifically preference setting
   - generic editors
      - asynchronous issues, especially in jface
      - discussion drifted to the disabling of automatic hovers
- Issue was brought up: Eclipse not easy to customize, discoverability
   - improvement could be context sensitive pop-ups depending on just-done action
- hover issue revisited: 
   - maybe use notifications to inform people of changes in a given area
- issue brought up: unable to customize the UI on the spot (being able to customize a pop-up or dialog settings when it is shown)
- example: export of preference and list of installed plugins is not enough visible presently
- platform should follow own guidelines
- issue: we keep develop things which we don't turn on by default -> it looks same as 10 yrs before
- how can we enforce UI guidelines?
    - gerrit flag on changes 
    - checklist from project leads to declare how/if they conform
- how we could lead by example with improving on guidelines violations, specific cases?
    - p2 installation dialog always blocks
    - marketplace blocks (turned out to be not true after we checked)
       - maybe non-modal
       - maybe make an editor
          - make an API to convert dialogs to editors
- Does it make sense to make all dialogs non-modal by default? Mostly no.
- still using old 3.x API to do stuff on 4.x
    - discussion drifted to API deprecation/notification
       - maybe notify with exception in runtime/compile time
- e4 story, good adoption for RCP, IDE support difficult to exploit
   - lately code was pushed to use DI in ViewParts
- spies should be ported to PDE
   - there is agreement, work remains to be done to make them release-ready
- egit vs CVS in the SDK
   - CVS can't be removed. It needs to be there because it consumes Team framework
- discussion drifted to splitting the main build
   - lot of work needed. Is the effort worth it?
- Eclipse 4, maybe best practices somewhere
   - centralize documentation
   - tests also
   - visibility of tests should be improved
- Developer's Guides as used in 3.x are a good place to put documentation
   - file a bug to put wiki information especially e4 stuff in Eclipse Help documentation
- contribution issue, how can we get more people to contribute?
   - deleting old/obsolete code helps
   - testing framework improvements helps (project settings)
- merging more platform.* projects
   - lack of preliminary interest (no pending unreviewed patches) is usually a problem
   - PMC can not enforce anything, the 'subjectiveness' of the decision has to lie with the concerned project
- AI: PMC to discuss on merging project and make a statement on what is their POV
- Issue of a lot of pending reviews popped up:
   - Some companies use what we called a 'professional nagger' i.e. a person whose job is to nag committers into reviewing stuff. Could it work for us?
   - automatic notifications were proposed after a number of days
- Oopmh discussion: should committers use Oomph to setup things? Or should we stick to the 'base tools'?
   - discussion followed with pros and cons for each. No consensus achieved.
- Logging issue came up. What logger shall we use: FrameworkUtils? Logger.getLogger? Figure out bundle from stack trace?
    - IStatus shouldn't have to be created by the client
    - all needed should be a class and an exception
    - AI: add a log in core.runtime bundle
- Any hints for modern controls lacking in SWT?
    - native notifications
        - need a windows expert to convert SWT api to native API
        - rich-client style if possible
    - GTK has a button with integrated progress bar which would be nice to have. How about win? mac?
    - there is a need of a more powerful table
        - maybe bring NatTable into eclipse platform (JFace? AI: contact Dirk)
    - reuse html tooltips from e.g. JDT java editors into views etc.
        - the freezing UIs issues have to be considered here
- CSS Styling story
    - mac doesn't offer much native css capabilities
    - win does somewhat
    - swt should always react to native theme changes
    - e4 css engine needs a clean-up
    - the SWT GTK styling capabilities are quite powerful
       - either WPF or gtk/win port would help with windows side
       - Mac? No idea.


Examples for issues that could be discussed are:

  • Application model enhancement ,Feedback about migration, E4 usage, E4 tools vs E4 spies, Managing missing extension points ...
  • What is wrong, what is good
  • Test policies for committers
  • RAP/JavaFx/Vaadin implementations
  • Project communication
  • Any good idea !

Watch this space for other related Platform activities at EclipseCon Europe (BOFs, hackathons, etc).

Time/Location Monday October 24th 2016, Ludwigsburg, Germany, located at EclipseCon Europe, Forum am Schlosspark

Start at 10:00, Seminarraum 2

Registration Attendees please add your name to the list below and register for the Unconference:

If you are registering for the full conference, choose the Unconference as an additional item when you register. If you are attending the Unconference by itself, choose "Unconference only" when registering.

Attendees List

  1. Olivier Prouvost (OPCoach)
  2. Lars Vogel (vogella GmbH)
  3. Alexander Kurtakov (Red Hat)
  4. Andrey Loskutov (Advantest Europe GmbH)
  5. Patrik Suzzi
  6. Christian Pontesegger (independant)
  7. Mickael Istria (Red Hat)
  8. Mikael Barbero (Eclipse Foundation)
  9. Carsten Reckord (Yatta Solutions)
  10. Frederic Gurr (Eclipse Foundation)
  11. Olivier Thomann (IBM)
  12. Stefan Xenos (Google)
  13. Alexander Rookey (Google)
  14. Sopot Cela (Red Hat)
  15. Jorge Cordouil Lima (Software ag)
  16. Mykola Nikishov (independent)
  17. Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)
  18. Steve Francisco (IBM)

Proposed Agenda

  1. What's planned Platform for 4.7? (Suggested by Lars)
  2. Migration of the e4 spys to PDE (Suggested by Lars, Olivier)
  3. How can be make e4 more attractive for Eclipse plug-in developers (Suggested by Olivier)
  4. What can be do to simplify the usage of the Eclipse IDE? (Suggested by Lars)
  5. What improvements are needed in SWT/JFace? Missing features, components? (Suggested by Alex)
    1. OS-level notifications
  6. What is the correct way to do logging? (Suggested by Lars)
  7. How to get more contributors involved? (Suggested by Andrey)
    1. Related topic: How can we get more committers to do code reviews?
  8. What do we need to be more productive as Platform committers (Suggested by Andrey)
    1. Infrastructure? (Hudson, jenkins,...)
    2. Tooling? (IDE, API tools,...)
    3. Project/repo ownership borders? (one-man teams vs trust)
  9. Eclipse Platform Best Practices to share (Sugg. by Patrik)
    1. How Platform team is going to interact with the UX Group?
    2. How to integrate Menus?
  10. CSS Engine status (Sugg. Brian via Mailing List)
    1. What are the current capabilities? Which are the limits? Is Apache Batik adequate? How we can improve?
  11. Preferences & Project properties as editors
  12. Ease more contextual progress report, especially in wizards.
  13. What is annoying about Eclipse?
  14. Removal of Display.syncExec calls? (Sugg. by Stefan)

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