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Planning page for Platform work for 4.9

This page discusses target fixes and improvements to the Eclipse Platform for the 2018-09 release. The note and newsworthy of all Eclipse top-level projects can be found under Eclipse 4.9 New and Noteworthy.

Platform UI

Performance and stability

The Eclipse Platform team need to continue to improve stability and performance of the user interface. This includes improving the initial startup time of the Eclipse IDE as well as improving the interactive performance.


Simplify and improve the user experience

The Eclipse Platform team need to continue to simplify and improve the user workflow in the Eclipse IDE.


Improve code quality

To make the code basis maintainable and active for new contributors and committers, the Eclipse Platform team will continue to reduce compiler warnings, Sonar warnings and the like. We will also continue to remove dead code and to deprecated outdated API. See Bug 537715 and connected for details.


Tip of the Day: Content and Enhancements

Provide additional enhancement for the Tip of the Day feature and enable extenders to add their own content. Create content for Platform/JDT/PDE.

Provide Minimap

The Eclipse Platform plans to provide a Minimap view. See Bug 321410 and connected for details.

  • [FIXED]

Link Handling for custom URI schemes

The Eclipse Platform plans to provide a possibility to add link handlers for custom URI schemes. See Bug 530833 and connected for details.




Show calendar week in SWT.CALENDAR / SWT.DROP_DOWN


Improve Accessibility support

Improve Dark theme support

Improve on HiDPI support in SWT


Modernize documentation and bugzilla

  • [DEFERRED] Add README files for building binary/.SO files using
  • [DELIVERED] Clean up existing SWT-GTK development articles on the SWT wiki page
  • [DELIVERED] Contribute native GTK snippets to the GTK specific snippets repo
  • [DELIVERED] Clean up old and/or duplicate bugs
  • [DELIVERED] Accurately triage incoming bugs in a timely manner

Improve Wayland usability

Further stabilize SWT-GTK3 including Webkit2 and HiDPI support

  • [DELIVERED] Address any bugs that prevent users from using GTK3 over GTK2
  • [FIXED] Fix any potential Webkit2 issues, such as:
  • [DEFERRED] Resolve potential problems arising in GTK3.24
  • [DELIVERED] Further stabilize HiDPI support


Ant version upgrade

Upgrade to Apache Ant version 1.10.5 bug 536223


Routine Maintenance and Enhancements

Other Bugs and enhancements.


Framework to show command line

Run Configuration Command Line to Clipboard bug 312397


Routine Maintenance and Enhancements

Other Bugs and enhancements.

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