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Platform-releng/Unstable build


This page is to describe why a build is marked as Unstable.

Platform Build

There are two types of platform builds performed in regular release cycle. The build process is described here: Platform-releng/Platform_Build.

  • Integration builds (I-builds) built daily at 8:00 PM ET
  • Maintenance builds (M-builds) built at 4:00 AM on every Wednesday ET

Mark Unstable

Sometimes there is a possibility of:

  • a bad commit causing some important functionality or test failures
  • due to comparator errors, new code might not be in the build
  • any other problem deemed serious enough

The problem may affect only a particular component, so we don't want to completely fail a build. If other components are waiting for a particular bug fix they can still test their bug fix. But end users or developers better avoid switching to such builds.

In this scenario we will mark a build unstable and remove it from the composite update repository so that the unstable build is not available during the update. If a particular user still wants to try an update he can still do it using the build-specific repository listed in the download.

If a user wants to mark a build unstable they need to send a note (along with bug report) to mailing list informing the need to do so. The Platform-releng team will do the needful, i.e. run the markUnstable job.

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