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Platform-releng/Publish to Maven Central


We publish Eclipse platform(includes equinox), PDE and JDT(including ECJ) to maven central. This document describes the process used.

Getting user accounts

1. Create user account using!default.jspa

2. Create a issue on Jira to get permissions for platform, JDT and PDE projects. Ref: for template


When user runs stage 1 copy and rename job( the final release URLs for the eclipse release gets created. We use these URLs in this process.

1. Update with the new URLs. Please makesure to update not only eclipse urls but emf and orbit as well

2. Update with new build versions and repo locations

3. Run job. This will create an intermediate repo conforming to maven central. This also created baseline-next.txt for later use. This can be found in the workspace root.

4. Run, and to publish to maven central's staging repo. The parameter required is the build number from please provide last successful build's number.

5. Replace contents of with the contents of baseline-next.txt created in step 3.

6. Close the maven staging repos by logging in to, selecting Repositories orgeclipsejdt-*, orgeclipsepde-*, orgeclipseplatform-* and clicking on close button.

7. Release these repos by selecting them and click on release.

Useful links

OSS sonatype

Help on closing and release

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