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Planning Council/Mar 22 2009


Meeting Title: Planning Council EclipseCon face-to-face
Date & Time: Sunday, Mar 22 2009, at 2:00 Pacific time
Location: Bayshore Room at the Hyatt
Dial-in: [no dial in planned]


David Williams, Chair (and WTP)
Brian Fitzpatrick DTP
Wenfeng Li - BIRT
Anthony Hunter, Tools
Markus Knauer, EclipseSource
Chris Aniszczyk, Technology
Oliver Cole, TPTP (half of meeting)
Tom Watson, RT, Equinox
Doug Schaefer, CDT, Tools (Ad Hoc),


Oisin Hurley, Stp PMC
Neil Hague, Oracle

Did not hear from

Stefan Daume Cloudsmith Inc. Strategic Developer
A. Doug Gaff Dsdp PMC
John Graham Red Hat, Inc. appointed
Mika Hoikkala Nokia Strategic Developer
Christian Kurzke Motorola Strategic Developer
Philippe Mulet Eclipse PMC
James Saliba CA Inc. Strategic Developer
Georg Schmidt brox IT-Solutions GmbH Strategic Developer
Karsten Schmidt SAP AG Strategic Developer
  • Action: need to contact (some of the) above to see if still accurate


  • Build update - M6 complete (or completing?)
      • 'All except STP (as indicated in the bug) and Rienna are installing locally. I can do a full rebuild to get JWT and Buckminster in a build and try to promote it, but I expect we won't want to declare an M6 until we get the [SDKprofile bug, bug 269468,] resolved.'
      • Later in week, declared with the working subset and work continues trying to fix build/others.

  • Review project status and determine actions to take.
      • VTP was obvious outlier (having marked nothing). Chris followed up with them, and later in week communicated they no longer plan to be part of Galileo. Need to update "intent" bug.
      • Anthony to check with M2M (required for GMF, but he'll help them get current) and other Modeling Projects.
    • Revisit branding + naming on the about dialog, we require clear conventions.
      • Spelled out basic rules. ACTION: need to update bug/communicate to list. Provider name should always start with "Eclipse ..." followed by project name. It is (still) up to each PMC to decide how best to describe their project in a meaningful, balanced fashion (either as one top level one or as multiple pieces). Avoid special symbols (e.g. ':' or "-") unless they are part of the project name. Avoid acronyms (unless in common use in software industry, such as XML, or PHP). Capitalization should follow "headline-sytyle capitalization": The only words that are not capitalized are articles (except as the first word), coordinating conjunctions (for example, and, but, and or), prepositions (except as the first or last word), and the to in an infinitive. )
      • For now, only the branding/primary feature is important to get right. Long term, all plugins and features should use the correct "Provider Name", same as that branding plugin/feature, but we do not encourage a lot of last minute touching of plugins just to fix the provider name. It can be phased in when other changes are made to those plugins, if desired.
  • Name that train
Anthony volunteered to talk to Bjorn, perhaps turn the proposed "contest" into a poster session
      • No Poster session. Concluded that we'd make alphabetical list of remaining moons. ACTION: make such a list to see if any should be ruled out (such as Io).
      • The question was raised of how future trains interacted with e4. By show of hands, no other project was currently planning an e4 specific release. So will be an issue at some point in future, but not likely to be in 2010.
  • Markus suggested we discuss what platforms to support in EPP packages.
      • PC concluded it was desirable to add Windows 64 bit, but Markus could not commit. Issues are that people need to be lined up that have the machines and time to test. Also, not all packages can be available on all platforms (e.g. CDT).
  • Discuss alternatives to uber-site: still desired? feasible? alternatives for backup plan? tighter integration with epp packages?
      • Did not have time to discuss in detail
  • Let's decide Galileo Service Releases - proposed:
    • 9/25/09 (last Friday of September)
    • 2/26/10 (last Friday of February)
      • Approved these dates: need to announce
  • While we are face-to-face, let's get started on next year's release by discussing the general process. Please come prepared to represent your PMC or strategic member on things they like about the simultaneous release process and things they do not like. [For those who can not attend this face-to-face, you can send me a short list and I'll present them].
      • Did not have time to discuss in detail
  • Next Planning Council Meeting: 4/1 (First Wednesday of every month)
  • Next Face-to-face: Eclipse World, October 2009? Eclipse Summit, October 2009?
  • Related activities/meetings
    • StAC meeting to follow, Sunday 3-5 (all councils are invited ... and in fact considered members).
    • Architecture Council after that, 5-6

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