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Planning Council/Mar 04 2009


Meeting Title: Planning Council Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday, Mar 04 2009, at 1600 UTC / 0900 SFO / 1200 NYC / 1700 London / 1800 Berlin
Dial-in: For the call-in numbers, see the "Project Review" number on Foundation Portal page.


Chris Aniszczyk Y
Cedric Brun Y
Oliver Cole Y
Stefan Daume Y
Brian Fitzpatrick Y
Bjorn Freeman-Benson  ?
Doug Gaff Y
John Graham  ?
Neil Hauge Y
Mika Hoikkala  ?
Anthony Hunter Y
Oisin Hurley Y
Markus Knauer N
Christian Kurzke  ?
Wenfeng Li  ?
Ed Merks Y
Mike Milinkovich  ?
Philippe Mulet  ?
James Saliba  ?
Georg Schmidt  ?
Karsten Schmidt  ?
Thomas Watson Y
David Williams Y

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.


  • Build update
Currently Riena is breaking .. we assume 'build break' notification is working
We are currently working toward M6 (we missed M5)
Projects need to remember to "stop" contributing once they deliver milestone to Galileo, until milestone is declared.
PMC reps to follow-up:
ECF - Tom
EPP - Chris (I will update bugzilla until the weekend - and I don't see any problems so far (Markus))
VTP - Chris
  • Decide on our EclipseCon meeting
Sunday, 2-3, tentative
  • Name that train
Anthony volunteered to talk to Bjorn, perhaps turn the proposed "contest" into a poster session
  • Need to confirm all of Planning Council is invited to StAC meeting, Sunday 3-5
Confirmed: Yes. All Planning Council members are considered StAC members.

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