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Planning Council/Galileo postmortem PLs

Galileo Planning Council postmortem: Project Lead feedback

Please see Planning_Council/Galileo_postmortem for similar page produced by Planning Council (PC) itself. This page is for Project Leads not on PC who think maybe something wasn't captured on that PC page.

These notes were collected at the end of the Galileo Release, approximately 6/17/2009, specifically just to collect them. And not to solve any problems, or even suggest solutions, but just to capture issues (good and bad) while the release was still fresh on our minds. Action plans and solutions will be discussed in the Fall.

Please keep comments concrete and actionable, to the extent possible, for example "communication was not very good" is a bit vague; would be better to be specific, such as "we were not told about the Foundation meta-data requirements until the last week, even though others were told during M7" or "I don't understand the importance of New and Noteworthy requirement" instead of "I don't like any requirements".

Also, please consider documenting why you wanted to participate at all in Simultaneous Release? Would you do it again? Would you recommend it to a friend? :) What, specifically, could the PC do to make your life easier next time?

Thanks for your help!

  • Paul Slauenwhite - TPTP:
    • Provide a single release notes page (similar to for TPTP 4.6.0) for documenting known issues and possible work-arounds with the release train. This could be as simple as a grouping of existing release notes for the projects in the release train. From the user's perspective, if provides a single reference of known problems and possible solutions when experiencing issues with the release, instead of automatically opening a new Bugzilla.
    • Include each project's new and noteworthy page (or reference) in the release train's new and noteworthy page (see Note, the release train's new and noteworthy page is currently called the release notes for the release on the download page.
    • Provide a release train 'PMC' review and voting process for the release train to regualte/process late defects/build requests.

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