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Planning Council/2021-11-03



Welcome Leif Geiger to the planning council meeting.

Johannes Matheis (representative from Vector) has joined the council and is expected at the next meeting

Actions from last meeting

  • SimRel improvements list distributed to IDE WG Steering Committee
  • EclipseCon Community Day presentation completed and delivered
  • 2022-03/06 schedule created, voted on and approved
  • JarSigning replacement proposal circulated on mailing list

Related Technologies Discussion

  • Wayne provided an overview based on his email
  • The Marketplace client is an Eclipse Project
  • The Marketplace server is software run and maintained by the EF
  • There is a new Marketplace client + server in development
  • The Marketplace falls under the Planning Council, from the IDE WG Charter "Setting, evolving, and enforcing policies and procedures governing supporting products (e.g., marketplaces, statistics gathering and data collection services, ...);"
  • Decided that the Planning Council should request the Steering Committee spend some specific amount of money to in the short term address a key problem. e.g. "pay 30 day contract to do X"
  • A high priority item would be to clean up the marketplace of uninstallable content, see
  • Action: Martin will provide a first draft
  • Goal: Provide this to the IDE WG Steering Committee by their next meeting (16 Nov)

PGP Signing

  • Red Hat rpm team did a review of PGP signing plan
  • The earliest that PGP only signed content can be delivered is after a full release with the Eclipse Platform / p2 having it implemented to ensure users who are upgrading are not presented with an unsigned warning. This means that (for e.g.) if the Eclipse Platform has a complete implementation in 2021-12 (4.22) the earliest PGP only signed content can be delivered is 2022-03.

CVEs / vulnerabilities

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