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Planning Council/2020-08-05

Agenda items:

  • I (Wayne) noticed that several of the contributions are more than one year old (some of them significantly more). I don't believe that it's necessarily wrong to contribute stable content, but would like to make sure that somebody is periodically testing configurations that include these contributions to mitigate the risk that we ship broken content.
    • Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry (2018)
    • Eclipse BIRT (2017)
    • Eclipse Mylyn (2018)
    • Eclipse WindowBuilder (early 2019)
    • Eclipse Xpand (2016)
    • Eclipse Remote Systems Explorer (2018)
    • Eclipse EMFStore (2017)
    • Eclipse BPMN2 Model (2018)
    • Eclipse BPEL Designer (2018)
    • Eclipse ACTF (2017)

  • Regrets:
    • Nitin Dahyabhai (WTP PMC)


  • Eclipse Platform started to provide Linux AArch64 builds in the 4.17 stream. If a project with native parts wants to add support for it and lacks access to AArch64 machine for the builds - please contact Alexander Kurtakov so the current machine can be attached to your JIPP.

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