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Phoenix Team Meeting 2007-01-10

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2007-01-10 at 1:00pm ET

Discussion Topics

  • EclipseCON involvement: what do we want to do at EclipseCON? Short Talk? Poster? BoF?
  • Themes: a rehash of the themes we agreed on, as well as action items to move our website forward
  • Project Information Infrastructure (xml) - plans for extending it and using it

Q1 & 2007 bugs

Instead of posting the actual list, here's the link to the Bugzilla query:

Q1 and 2007 bugs


Who: Nathan, Donald, Matt, Karl, Bjorn, Ian, Wayne, Ian, Lynn.

  • We reiterated the 2007 Themes.
  • We agreed that the Lazarus theme would be a great starting point for the new modern look, and we also agreed to work with Matt Chapman (the Lazarus designer) and Roger Dudler (who offered help) on making the Lazarus skin the default skin (if the contributors of the skin agree). Denis to work with Matt and Roger towards making this happen.
  • EclipseCON: EPIC to host a Poster, and Nathan will propose a short talk for getting Eclipse committers going with Phoenix. Also, Nathan will host a BoF for the website content (user-focused).

  • We agreed that the Foundation Portal would be the best place to aggregate and centralize the project status information (the XML, textfile and foundation DB information). Bjorn agreed to make this a Q1 priority, and I have asked Wayne to open a bug requesting this, as Wayne has the best idea of how this should be represented in the portal.

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