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Phoenix Team Call 2008-09-10

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2008-09-10 at 1:00pm ET

   Ottawa   613 287 8000
   International  866 362 7064
   P/C  955770#


  • New home page design + sub pages
  • Local development (databases)


Attendees: Wayne, Nathan, Matt, Karl, Ian S., Ian B, Karl, Denis

  • Nathan is working with James re: new home page and new landing pages. He will show prototypes shortly.
  • We agreed to create, and for now, link community <-> users
  • We agreed to change the Community tab to Users -- not add another tab
  • Denis to confirm with Don what he'd like for the Membership landing page
  • We discussed the dev environment/database work
    • Wayne and Nathan suggested using real data as sample data where applicable
    • Everyone to test this as soon as it's deployed to
  • We discussed briefly the status of Phoenix as a project
    • Phoenix has achieved its goals years ago, and appears inactive to the untrained eye
    • As a project, Phoenix does not follow the Eclipse dev process (no plan, no releases, etc)
    • We discussed closing/archiving Phoenix (the project); however, website development would continue in an open and transparent fashion
    • Still need to consider the EPIC and Planet components.
      • If Phoenix ceases to exist as a project, how do Gunnar, Chris and Ian continue to be the Planet admins?

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