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Phoenix Team Call 2008-05-02

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2008-05-02 at 1:00pm ET

   Ottawa   613 287 8000
   International  866 362 7064
   P/C  955770#

Discussion Topics


Who was there: Ian S, Ian B, Lynn, Nate, Matt, Karl, Bjorn, Denis

  • Denis reviewed to Themes 2007, and will start Themes 2008
  • Discussed the site overhaul, and came up with a strategy:
    • work on "measuring website success" in parallel with a new look
    • Matt to work with Nathan in getting Piwik running for the Phoenix team to investigate
      • In parallel, Bjorn to talk with Janet re: Google Analytics
        • Some projects already using Google Analytics. Bjorn to investigate the implications.
    • We'll use the same strategy as 'Phoenix 1.0' for 'Phoenix 2.0' -- call for contributions for a new look
      • One bug per submission to allow for easy commenting and voting
      • Denis to draft up the call for contributions, will revise with the Phoenix team
  • Phoenix bug backlog
    • Nate and Denis to do bug triage, add helpwanted, lower/raise priority, or resolve bugs as seen fit
  • Bi-weekly calls now occur on Wednesdays, 10:00am Pacific, 1:00pm Eastern every 2nd Wednesday Starting May 14

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