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Phoenix Team Call 2007-03-22

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2007-03-22 at 2:00pm ET

Discussion Topics

  • status on open bugs
  • Bugzilla bug triage
  • Nathan to provide quick status on EclipseLive and EPIC
  • Deprecating themes/skins. We should perhaps only maintain Lazarus, Miasma and Phoenix.

Q1 & 2007 bugs

Instead of posting the actual list, here's the link to the Bugzilla query:

Q1 and 2007 bugs


Attendees: Nathan, Matt, Lynn, Denis

  • Meeting was short as attendance was low
  • We agreed that only the Phoenix, Miasma and Lazarus skins should be supported. Denis to open a bug requesting the other skins be deprecated.
  • We agreed that a branded banner would help distinguish our sites. Denis to open a bug requesting this, stating the requirements.
  • Nathan discussed the status of EclipseLive and EPIC.

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