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Phoenix/Usability testing

Lynn and Denis will be at EclipseWorld on October 29 to perform some usability testing on the website.

We will give candidates specific scenarios and actions to perform on our website. The goal is to identify the key areas of our website that are difficult to use and unclear to our users in order to improve them, and to identify those areas of our website that provide easy and clear access to information so that we can use them as benchmarks.

Please use the space below to provide specific questions or scenarios for the candidates:

  • Find the SWT API documentation
  • Do you know about Parallel Application Development tools? If not, please find some information.
  • You're an Eclipse user and you'd like a plugin for Python Development.
  • If you wanted to see what webinars on Eclipse were available, where would you go to find them? (want them to end up at Eclipse Live)
  • Where would you look for a press release from an Eclipse member company?
  • Where would you find information on how to become an Eclipse committer?
  • How do you feel about orange suits?
  • When you look at the front page, what group do you think you fit in? If you click on the link does the following page provide useful information?
  • Post an item to the newcomers newsgroup using the web portal. (Ideally this would be done for some people with an existing bugzilla account and without)
  • Locate information on the Eclipse IP Process
  • How would someone Donate to Eclipse?
  • You have inherited a project that only works on Eclipse 3.1 and need to download that version of Eclipse.
  • You're having a problem starting Eclipse on Linux with the message "!MESSAGE Bundle update@plugins/org.eclipse.xsd.ecore.importer_2.4.0.v200808251517.jar [223] was not resolved. " How do you go about getting help?
  • You've heard that ECF is cool and you'd like some information on what it is, and how to get started quickly.
  • Your team of developers would like some professional RCP training. Who can help you?
  • You have a great idea for a project. Where do you go
  • You have taken some source code and have created some work that you feel may be considered a derivative work. You'd like some information on Eclipse licenses and derivative work. How do you find that?
  • You posted some confidential information in an email and would like to ensure it is removed. How do you do this?
  • You'd like to become an Eclipse committer. How do you find information that describes the process?
  • Do you know about Equinox? If not, where do you find information on Equinox?
  • You've been using Eclipse for years, you've found a bug and you'd like to report it. How would you do that?

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