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Passage/Release Notes/0.5.0

New and Noteworthy

Complete list of bug fixes and enhancements in 0.5.0

Eclipse Passage Licensing Integration Components (LIC)

  • bug 546680 - [Passage] rename LIC Runtime to LIC API. The LIC API base package has been changed
    org.eclipse.passage.lic.runtime -> org.eclipse.passage.lic.api
  • bug 547609 - [Passage] LicensingAction should respect RestrictionVerdict contract. The LicensingAction will show dialog and continue on "warn" and exit from the action on "error"
  • bug 547615 - [Passage] Import license functionality should report result. The "Import License" dialog now provides error reporting

Eclipse Passage Licensing Operator Components (LOC) E4 RCP

  • bug 546679 - [Passage] rename LOC Runtime to LOC API. The LOC API base package has been changed
    org.eclipse.passage.loc.runtime -> org.eclipse.passage.loc.api
  • bug 547585 - [Passage] AboutDialog should support about.mappings. Now the Operator RCP shows information about its version in "About" dialog
  • bug 547651 - [Passage] allow to specify preferred condition type and expression for the user.
  • bug 547652 - [Passage] allow to browse issued licenses for the given user.
  • bug 547653 - [Passage] provide "License Plan" to be a template for "License Pack" creation.

Eclipse Passage Licensing Back-end Components (LBC) OSGi-based server

  • bug 546678 - [Passage] rename LBC Runtime to LBC API. The LBC API base package has been changed
    org.eclipse.passage.lbc.runtime -> org.eclipse.passage.lbc.api

Eclipse Passage Licensing Definition Components (LDC) IDE plug-ins

  • Plug-in template for Eclipse 3.x Licensed RCP
  • Plug-in template for Eclipse 4.x Licensed RCP

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