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Papyrus for Sysml


Each plugin contains a UML model that allows to design plugins inside SysML.

The name of the root model must be the name of the current plugin.

This UML model contains 4 sub-models:

  1. a model of Requirements
  2. a model of Use Cases
  3. a model of Design
  4. a model of Test


The Requirements model

This model contains all the requirements dedicated to the current plug-in.

  • Rule: The requirements model cannot contain sub-models or sub-packages. It must contain a hierarchy of requirements.


Each requirement has an id that conforms to the following grammar pattern:

<Requirement id>::="Req_"<digit><digit><digit>

For example, "Req_001" can be the first top requirement inside the plugin.

Add a dot with 3 new digits if a requirement is contained inside other requirement.

A requirement contained inside the first requirement has the following id:"Req_001.001"

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