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Troubleshooting / Frequently asked questions

Acceleo errors during code generation

There are Acceleo errors during code generation (indicated by a popup at the end of the code generation process). In many cases, these can be resolved by resetting the Acceleo driver (context menu Codegen->Reset Acceleo Driver). After a first reset, you should see no more errors during the current Eclipse session.

Parts within a composite are not taken into account by deployment plan generation

Make sure that the parts have Composite aggregation kind. There is also a Qompass preference item to treat all none aggregation kinds as composite

There is no console output during the execution of a compiled MinGW application

If you are using Windows in combination with the MinGW environment and it is the first time you are running C++ project using Eclipse CDT, you can face some problems during compilation, execution and debugging of the generated code.

First of all, be sure that you have defined the environment variable for your C++ compiler. To do so, open a command line window (cmd.exe) and type "gdb". You should see an output like below.

PapyrusQompass-examples-cmd without error.png
Command line without error

If you do not see this output and see the error below (or the english equivalent, i.e. something like "command not found")

PapyrusQompass-examples-cmd with error.png
Command line with error

go to "My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Parameters". Edit the variable named "PATH" and add the following to the end of its value


Moreover, another problem you can face can be having no console output after a successful run of the code. In this case,

Right-click on your project. Select "Properties".

Select the "Run/Debug Settings" Property on the left of the new window.

In the right window, click on your executable to highlight (ie - Test.exe) and click "Edit".

In the Environment tab, hit "New"

Name: PATH
Value: Path to your MinGW bin directory (For example: C:\MinGW\bin)

Click "OK" on all windows to close down.

Try running again, it should print output to the screen.

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