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Papyrus/Papyrus Developer Guide/Papyrus development plan

Release plan for Helios

To be defined :


migration to Helios

Milestone delivery

from M1 to M5

Adding new features and bugs fixes.

2 weeks before - Stabilization
Enhancements freeze

Announce on MDT Papyrus devel ML, freeze enhancements. The mail must specify all the key date for this release. The mail also contains the list of tasks made for this release.

Creating a branch (optional)

A branch is created on the repository for new development purpose. Fix of found defects are done on the head of the repository.


A first validation is done, tasks are updated according to the results of the validation.


Prior to new development, fix defects found during the validation (if possible). Update the relative task.

One week before - Validation

Freeze code

Announce freeze code on MDT Papyrus devel ML. The mail specify the key dates for this release. It also contains a list of tasks for this release.

Integration build

An integration build is done and share with the Papyrus developer community (through the devel ML)


Validation is done on the integration build. Tasks are updated according to the results


During validation, fix defects found when severity is greater or equals than 'Critical'. Update tasks on Bugzilla

If a fix is done, restart from 'Integration build'.

One Day before - Delivery
Build  Get the latest Integration build and deliver it

Tag the source code with the new version

Merge Branch

If any branch exists, merge it with the head

End Freeze

The 'Merge Branch' must be done before.

Announce the end of the code freeze on devel mailing list. The mail must contain information about the next release plan and its key date.

from M5 to M7

Only bugs fix. Breaking API and adding new features is not allowed.

from M7 to final release

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