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Notice: this Wiki will be going read only early in 2024 and edits will no longer be possible. Please see: for the plan.

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New & Noteworthy in Papyrus for Luna


  • New UML timing diagram editor
  • New UML overview sequence diagram editor
  • New SysML parametric diagram editor
  • All other UML editor have been also improved, specially the sequence diagram editor
  • All diagramatic editors have been regenerated using the Luna version of GMF Tooling.


  • New framework for table-based editor within Papyrus based on last version of NatTable.
  • New SysML requirements tabular editor
  • New SysML allocation tabular editor


  • General improvement for Papyrus performance and memory consumption


  • New extenssible framework for enabling Copy, Cut and Past.
  • Improved support for OCL:
    • xtext based editor for OCL expressions (i.e. completion and syntax validation),
    • Context element can be setup graphically via new context-link relationship in diagrams
    • OCL aware validation: OCL constraints in profiles and instance specifications are validated.
    • For more information see Constraints in Papyrus
    • Possibility to generate plugin with constraints embedded into plugin.xml. NOTE: documentation embedded into the Papyrus 1.0 distribution for luna is not up to date. See profile constraints instead.


  • New documentation embedded in the tools

Tests and Debug

More than 200 hundred bugs fixed since 2013-01-01: [1]

More than 8500 tests daily executed: [2]

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