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Papyrus/Mars Work Description/Improvments/Wizards


The goal is to improve the manipulation of the project and model creation wizard and tailor their comportment according to the user's choices.

Related bugs

Bug 439894: [Wizard] Refactoring and enhancement

Bug 435474: [Wizards] Wizards should set the name of the created diagrams

Bug 412676: Models created from uml files containing spaces in their names are invalid

Bug 440842: [New Papyrus Model Wizard] Model templates check list should have a scroll bar

Bug 435501: [Usability] The create new model wizard asks questions in the wrong order

Bug 469830: [Profiles] Mars Regression - Do not rename selected/named profile package to RootElement on profile model creation

Bug 466259: [Wizards] Error message not displayed when trying to create a project/model which already exists (With different case)

Bug 471328: [Wizard] Creating a model without a containing project results in an NPE exception

Bug 471455: [WIzard] Impossible to deselect a template from the combo box

Bug 471453: [Wizard] the name of the model&rootElement should be initialized based on the project or the container

Bug 471735: New Model Wizard usability regressions

Development link

Gerrit Links:

- changed the order of the wizard pages
- made the new model name retain '.profile' if based on existing semantic model
- Changed the SelectDiagramCatagoryPage message to show 'model' rather than 'diagram' (since it is the model type that is selected)
- removed the warning message shown when the model type didn't match the extension (since the extension is set automatically)
- improved trimming of extensionPrefixes as suggested in comment
- added a default root naming when creating a new profile from an existing model of the workspace
- disabled the selectRootElementPage
- fix the NPEs resulting from the disabled page
- disabled the Next and Finish buttons if a model with the same name already extists in the workspace
- disabled the Next and Finish buttons if a project with the same name already extists in the workspace
- added a message signaling why those buttons were disabled
- added an error message if the user is unable to create and open the new papyrus model
- modified the validation of the NewModelFilePage to prevent users to create a model outside a proper container
- the names of the model and its rootElement are now initialized from the model's container
- rebased this onto Bug 471328 (dependent of this change)
- added a deselect mechanism to the template comboVIewer
- added new icons for the new Model/Project wizard
- separated the core uml options from the dsml ones
- added a sort mechanism for them
- the wizard now properly recalls previous language selections
- sets the default language selection to UML if none were previously selected
- modified the way the DiagramKindPage composite's sizes are computed
- added a new Profile selection composite allowing the user to select registered composites
- modified the Messages of the NewModelFilePage
- the names of the languages are now sorted through a secondary strength collator
- the UML language is now the first on the UML core group
- modified the CreateModelWizard to avoid cast exceptions when applying a profile to a newly created one


Here are a few, non exhaustive, screenshots to illustrate the changes through a profile creation example:

Selection of the language and therefore possibilities ties to the new model

The wizard will prompt the user to select a container for the new model

The wizard will verify that the chosen name is not already used

Just as it will check for the model name it will verify that the chosen container exists

Now comes the chosing of the diagram to be created inside the new model, their names and numbers

This page allows the selection of profiles to apply to the new model

Be them from the workspace or the registered library

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