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Papyrus/Mars Work Description/Improvments/Table Improvment

Table Improvment

Some improvment will be developed for Papyrus 1.1.0 on table framework

  • the size of the axis will be saved
    • excepted the rows for synchronized table
  • the cell can be merged by the user
  • a filter row will be available in the column header. it will allow to find easily model elements displayed in table
    • on the new Tree Table framework, it will work only if the wanted element has already been displayed in the table (the levels of the tree table are calculated only if needed)
  • new cell editors available for table (they probably not be used by default in Papyrus, but they will be avalable for developers doing there own table configuration)
    • a textual cell editor to edit reference
    • a textual cell editor to edit ValueSpecification

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