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Papyrus/Mars Work Description/Improvments/Stereotype support/task bugs

Stereotype Display : Task and Bugs



The related Objectives can be found here.

The bugzilla items tracking progress of this improvments are:

To Do / To Remember / Known Issues

  • Check what happen if the profile is modified (adding property, change property Name, ...)
  • Delete the decoration of "imported element" on "AppliedStereotypeEmptyEditPart"
  • Check Icon into CSS.
  • Replace all the references to the AppliedStereotypeHelper, by keeping the class as deprecated.
  • Shape aren't displayed
  • Make the Show title of a Block customizable with the Depth.
  • Implement "Auto" Depth computation.
  • When deleteing an Object then do "Undo" (Ctrl + Z) , the edge of the Comment is displayed.


  • Bug 457024 : Head Task for regrouping all the other ones.
  • Bug 461559 : Brace Notation structure in addition
  • Bug 461561 : Stereotype Element instead of Application itself.

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