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Papyrus/Mars Work Description/Improvments/Property View Editor


Bug 463308: Properties view framework modernization

  • Improve IObservables: rely on Nested Transactions to simplify the implementation (Mainly for Transactional IObservableLists which are currently a nightmare to implement & maintain)
  • Support Multi-selection of multi-valued properties (Stereotypes application, Styles, Mask Label, ...)
  • Add shortcuts in the metamodel, especially for elements which are not meant to be reused (Ability to bypass the environment model for very specific widgets/model elements)
    • Allows faster prototyping, at the cost of reusability
  • Integrate with ElementTypes for creation of new elements
  • Improve support for properties navigation (Easily edit self.a.b)
  • Support widget substitution, to replace e.g. all Boolean Radios with Boolean Checkboxes (With a scope, e.g. “only in the context of such language or property”)


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