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Papyrus/Mars Work Description/Improvments/Profile Definitions Management

Profile Definitons Management

This page describes the work done to improve management of Profile definitions feature inside Papyrus.


The main purpose is to change the actual process of Profile definition managment. This process is not user friendly on different points:

  • When the user saves his modification, a pop-up is displayed to ask him to inform the new version of this Profile even if the profile didn't reach all requirements for the new version. The user will be always disturbed during save action for his intermediary Profile.
  • The current view which permits to manage Profile Definition is not completely functional.

The new process will focus on a properties view completely functional to manage Profile Definitions. This new process will remove disturbing pop-up.


PRD_001 Need a mechanism to detect inconsistent Profile Definition application


The bugzilla enhancement item tracking progress of this enhancement is

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