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Papyrus/Mars Work Description/Improvments/Embedded Editors

Papyrus Embedded Editors (XText direct editors)

This page describes the work done to improve embedded editors feature inside Papyrus.

State of art

Concepts in place

Object to Edit
this is the source to edit and which correspond to a particular matching (i.e its MetaClass).
Direct Editor
editor binds with F2 keyboard to edit an element without use the properties view.
it is used by editor to edit the element


Today, Papyrus gives to user the possibilities to :

  • provide its own Direct Editors for a MetaClass
  • associate its editor as default embedded editor for a MetaClass

The API gives extensions points to define a Direct Editor and to associate this one to a MetaClass : org.eclipse.papyrus.extensionpoints.editors.DirectEditor
Three kind of editor can be implemented :

  • Simple editor
  • Advanced editor
  • Popup editor


Id Description
PEE_001 A constraint shall be defined on MetaClass of a DirectEditor
PEE_002 Preferences page has to integrate the constraint concept



A new concept needs to be added in this feature.

It permits to restrict the use of an editor with a specific element. This concept is applied on the object to edit.
  • Does this new concept need to be shared between all Direct editors with a distinct Identifier?


The preferences page needs to evolve to contain the constraint concept. The user needs to know if this constraint is correctly integrated to Papyrus.
In preferences page, the upper frame will contain a tree structure with Object to Edit and defined constraints on it. This structure will have two levels.

Use cases

Different use cases are defined to validate new improvements:

  1. User will be able to define a direct editor for a Language of Opaque Expression.
  2. User will be able to define a direct editor for Stereotyped element.


The bugzilla enhancement item tracking progress of this enhancement is

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