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Papyrus/Discussion/Architecture refactoring/Papyrus SDK

Declaration of intent


In Oxygen Papyrus main feature is released as the following id "org.eclipse.papyrus.sdk.feature" labeled as "Papyrus for UML". There is here two confusion. At first papyrus is not only dedicated to UML and secundly SDK stands for "software development kit" and is dedicated to developers. Additionnaly the developer features are not released under a stable update site as it is done in other Eclipse projects. This is a proposal for a discussion before integrating it to a given roadmap.

Relevant Discussions


  • We propose to restore naming convention for the Papyrus feature. It will be important also to hihglight the fact that we could also install Papyrus (core/infra) without Papyrus UML, that wy it could be pertinent to distinguish:
    • org.eclipse.papyrus (for Papyrus infra and core) previously part of org.eclipse.papyrus.sdk)
    • org.eclipse.papyrus.uml (for Papyrus UML) previously part of org.eclipse.papyrus.sdk)
    • org.eclipse.papyrus.sdk (previously
  • All features or plugins located in the root repository have to be published. If they do'not need, they have to be migrated to another repository.

Actions to tackle

  • deletion of the releng/dev folder, no need to specific target platform, since it includes already the main target platform
  • include the developer plugins directly in the modules of /org.eclipse.papyrus/plugins/pom.xml
  • deletion of the job
  • create a papyrus DSK feature that groups all actual developer plugins
  • rename the previously Papyrus SDK feature into Papyrus feature, with a focus with papyrus core and infra plugins
  • introduce the Papyrus UML feature that requires the Papyrus feature



  • Benoit Maggi - CEA
  • Francois Le Fevre - CEA
  • Quentin Le Menez - CEA

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