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After Package Drone has been installed there are a few steps required to set up Package Drone.

Note: All URLs here are http://localhost:8080, assuming that you are running Package Drone on your local machine. If that is not the case, please change the URL accordingly.

Log in as admin

After the installation Package Drone does not have any real user. There is no "setup" page which allows just anyone to access the system and create an admin account. Neither is there a "admin"/"admin" password combination.

Package Drone have an admin user though. But the password is a randomly generated number which is either written to a file in the local file system of the server, printed out on the console of the operating system process or which can be provided using a system property instead.

This admin user is always present unless it has been deactivated using a system property.

During the startup the admin password/token is written to the file ~/.drone-admin-token. Log in using the standard login form and provide admin and the password from the token file. Restarting the server will create a new token.

Create a real user

After the setup Package Drone not have a real user base (beside the admin) user. However the admin does not have permissions to play around with content.

There are currently two roles ADMIN and MANAGER. Admins can change system settings, managers can change content/channels/artifacts. The internal admin user does not have the MANAGER role and thus cannot create channels or upload files.

So in order to work with Package Drone you do need to create a first, real, user. Log in using the admin user, create a new user, set a password and assign at least the MANAGER role to it.

Configure a mail server

Package Drone sends out e-mail when users register or request a new password.

Go to "Administration" -> "Mail" and enter the information to your SMTP server. Note that the SMTP server must allow relaying e-mail.

Note: Be sure not create configure your SMTP server as an open relay.

Allow self-registration

Be default an administrator must create new users in Package Drone. However you can allow users to self-register.

Go to "Administration" -> "Site" and enable "Allow self registration".

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