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Release tracking bug:

New features

Package Drone 0.14.0 has the follow new features:

JAX-RS based API

In this version a JAX-RS based remote API was added, which is based on the OSGi Connector, Jersey and Swagger. The focus in this release was to bring in the infrastructure and less on a full blown set of APIs. So the provided endpoints/services are still limited. But adding more in the future is now possible and a lot easier.

Upload API V3

The old upload API V2 did have some issues. Especially reporting back information. However we did not want to change the existing API and therefore did another version get added. Package Drone 0.14.0 does support the Upload API V2 and V3. This new API does allow to receive back the result using JSON, with a lot more details. And also allows to upload multiple artifacts in one step.

The Package Drone Jenkins plugin already supports this API.

Addon Manager

A thing which was long pending finally received some attention. A first step was made to allow extending Package Drone by just dropping in addons. Since Package Drone is based on OSGi, this could be that hard, could it? It was! Existing solutions just seemed not to be good enough. P2 has problems when it comes to simply deploying addons (e.g. using additional RPMs), while Apache Felix File Install does not allow to drop in bunch of Bundles at the same time with some meta data.

The Package Drone addon manager can do both now. It is possible to drop in a simple ZIP file, containing all bundles. Including some descriptive information. A way to actually download addons will come in the future.


Although there is a newer Upload API V3, the Upload API V2 is still available.

Fixes and improvements

  • Upgrade to Jetty 9.3.10
  • #63: Deployment with another user (only can be deploy with "deploy" user) - Thanks to @guel135 for having the idea.
  • #65: R5/OBR repository and custom capabilities – Thanks to @wkerckho for reporting and providing some sample data.
  • #67: squid:S2131 - Primitives should not be boxed just for String conversion – Thanks to @m-ezzat for fixing this.
  • #70: Validation links of artifacts are wrong – Thanks to @nfalco79 for reporting.
  • #71: squid:S2162 - equals methods should be symmetric and work for subclasses – Thanks to @m-ezzat for fixing this.

Thanks to all the people who helped in this release!

Known bugs and issues

Mostly harmless!

  • The addon manager and JAX-RS API are still considered Beta/early access/preview

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