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This is the first release at the Eclipse Foundation.

New features

This section described new features.

Maven Import with dependencies

The maven import has the capability now to resolve dependencies before triggering the import process. It also shows an overview of what would happen during the import and allows to include/exclude artifacts before actually performing the import process.

Upload PGP keys

It is possible now to upload your secret PGP keys, if you prefer that. This makes the whole process a lot easier. So there is no more need to run a server side GPG keychain.

YUM repository signing

In addition to APT repositories it is now also possible to sign YUM repositories.


This section describes changed behavior.

Change persistence model of Channel service

The persistence model of the channel model was changed in a way that channels are no longer discovered but the channel configuration is stored and ChannelProviders now are requested to load these channels.

This fixes a few oddities internally, like the storage provider prefixed ids ("apm_12345…").

In addition to that it is now possible to give a channel multiple alias names.

A migration logic will load the "old" models and once a change is made on the channel configuration, store it in the new format.

YUM repository changes

The YUM repository generator will now use SHA-256 as message digest and will also create random prefixes for the different files.

Fixes and improvements

This section describes fixes issues and improvements.

The following issues got fixed:

  • #2: Ignored default value of Bundle-Localization
  • #6: Fixed creating P2 categories based on category.xml
  • #7: It is possible now to work with binary P2 fragments when they got uploaded by Maven with Tycho P2 metadata enabled
  • ctron/package-drone#143: The cleanup aspect can now ignore artifacts which don't match the aggregated properties list

Working on Windows

The development setup and the server test has been enhanced to actually support the Windows platform. Package Drone can now be developed, tested and run on the Windows platform. However it is not tested as well as the Linux platform.

Fix the upload API

The upload API and with it the Jekins plugin where broken. This version does fix the upload API and works together with the new version of the Jenkins Plugin (0.2.0). The Jenkins plugin is not part of the Eclipse Package Drone project.

Known bugs and issues

A few.

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