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The PTP SC11 Tutorial A New and Improved Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform: Advancing the Development of Scientific Applications was presented on November 13, 2011 at SC11 in Seattle, WA

  • Slides for PTP SC11 tutorial: ptp-sc11-slides-final.pdf
    • Note these are updated significantly from what's on the SC11 Tutorials USB drive.
    • The 2011 version of this tutorial includes
      • significant improvements to PTP including synchronized projects and new implementations of the configurable resource managers, and
      • the tutorial itself is improved from previous years with an increased emphasis on hands-on components for Fortran, TAU (performance tools) and GEM (Graphical Explorer for MPI Programs) tool.

Remote Setup

  • Note that the slides include detailed instructions for installing PTP on your laptop or workstation; no information on remote cluster (server) setup is included here because we did that for the tutorial participants on a remote machine at NCSA.
    • To set up your own remote cluster, see the Release notes for PTP 5.0 which roughly includes:
      • Assuring java, git, make, a remote runtime (such as MPI) and other things are available in your PATH on the remote system (Java if you want purely remote RDT projects; git if you want synchronized projects)
      • Remote proxy programs and 'sdm' (Scalable Debug Manager, for the PTP parallel debugger) are built on the remote cluster and their locations made known to PTP.

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